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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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I dropped it into blue-dye toilet water, what do I do?

So this happened on a Saturday morning, my phone slid out of my pocket into the toilet, and I snatched it out as fast as I could, it was probably in there for 2 seconds at the most. (There was barely any water in it at all, the battery works fine and the water damage stickers didn't even bleed badly.)

I did the worst possible thing and tried to turn in on twice(wiping it off and putting the battery back in). After 20 minutes, I put it into a bag of rice for 24 hours and then took it out. I turned it on and the screen was flickering still. I did as some sites said and took it apart and cleaned the LCD connector with Isopropyl alcohol (91%) a few times, let it dry, and then turned it back on. The sound, camera, and every thing else works perfectly, the screen is the only thing that's messed up. The screen was still dark, I let it charge for about half an hour or so, and the screen lightened up and started working perfectly. An hour later, the screen flickers, turns pink and then black. I took out the battery and put it back in and it still didn't work. When I turn the screen on, it slowly goes from black to bright pink. All the functions are working well, it's just the screen. What do I do?

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Josee, STOP!!!!! DO NOT EVEN TRY TO CHARGE IT OR TURN IT ON. Hope I got your attention :-). By trying to turn it on or charging it in its current condition, you are running a very high risk of shortening out the logic board etc. Skip the rice. It is the equivalent of doing nothing. Skip it, it is absolutely useless. Remove the battery do not reuse it at all, and disassemble your phone using this guide. Clean every part, including the connectors on the board as well as on the cabled with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Be diligent about it and clean it well. This does not mean to scrub hard, just rinse it in alcohol often. Check for any burned looking or missing components. After that replace the battery (not an option but a must), reassemble it and re-evaluate. Water damage is the hardest to trouble shoot and the hardest to repair. even with all those steps, chance are slim to get it done, but the longer you wait the smaller your chances. Hope this helps, good luck.

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