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iPhone di quarta generazione. La riparazione è semplice, ma il vetro anteriore e l'LCD andranno sostituiti insieme. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB di memoria / Modello A1332 / Nero e Bianco.

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Feasible to upgrade processor in iPhone 4?

I have a cracked iphone 4, and I plan to replace the front display and back panel. The iphone 6 recently came out, and I have little interest in spending the money to replace my phone, but I wouldn't mind upgrading the processor in my 4 if possible. I can't find much on the subject, but I wonder how difficult it might be to replace the A4 processor. Would an A8 processor be compatible? Is the chip socketed or soldered? What kinds of tools might I need if I wanted to attempt to do this?


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Is there any other way to speed it up? I've mostly read that overclocking doesn't have much of an effect, and the overheating of the phone would likely be enough of a reason not to try it.


Or could I replace the logic board so that I might be able to upgrade the processor? Or is that going to cost the same as just getting a new phone?


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It's not about feasibility, it's about possibility. It is impossible to upgrade the processor because the pin layout is different for each model.

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I don't mean to sound rude, but I'll just be honest when I say that you're barking up the wrong tree here. There really is no way to upgrade an iPhone of any model. They're just not a device that was meant to be upgraded. The only option to upgrade an iPhone in any way would be to install a motherboard of the same model with more storage. In other words, you could replace your 16 GB iPhone 4 motherboard with a 32 GB version. Of course, that wouldn't help with performance, it would just give you more storage.

If if upgrades were possible, they would be cost prohibitive. Heck, even just a straight replacement motherboard for your iPhone 4 right now would cost nearly as much as replacing the phone.

You mention that you're looking to "speed it up". Have you done a restore of the phone and set it up as a new phone lately? Doing that periodically will keep the phone running at its best, as this gets rid of any clutter that has built up in the depths of the operating system that you can't see.

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No. You can't. Sorry. I was thinking exactly the same, and, i wrote this comment ON MY LAGGY IPHONE 4. But, to the point. If you want a faster phone, you could try to turn off your motion graphics, and increase contrast. Also, turn off background app refreshing. It helps. And, if you really want to get a faster phone, you may risk a A7 processor and edit the whole board to the pin layout for the iPhone 4. But its not worth of it. Im looking for some money to buy a 5C or 5. But yeah, i know how you feel holding the slowest phone on the world(not really, just a slow one). Sorry, the tips i gave you are the only ones that give effect, espeshially for gaming.

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I replaced the cpu in my iPhone 4s with one from a busted iPhone 6+ my friend had. Just used an exacto knife (while powered off obviously lol) and cut to size, popped the motherboard in my 4s and plugged it in. Don't let these guys discourage you. It wasn't that hard and the performance increase was HUGE.

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I seriously doubt you did this. Photos and a description of the process please.


spinyoldbrian tell me more please! Can you describe more. Because I found an A8 processor for only 21$


LOl, very funny. exacto knife the motherboard.


Even if you could replace the chip, wouldn't the 512 MB ram and the motherboard throttle the A8?


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