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Repair and disassembly guides for Acer Iconia Tab tablets.

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Acer Iconia W700 - Broken, how to recover?

My tablet window 8 is damaged and I try to recover I could not do any thing for it I lost the desktop of it

what I want is to re format it but I could not do that it need the system usb witch have window on it and I try my best to get window 8 download but I fail to do it

so I need your help

my email :

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The USB device to repair windows is something that you would have had to have made when you first setup windows - Windows 8 Recovery Drive. If you didn't make one then you have two more options.

1. Try turning on or restarting the system while holding your shift key to access Advanced Startup Options and repair windows from there.

2. Use your Windows Installation disk to repair the Operating System by booting that before your OS.

If you don't have a disk, you can request one from Windows using your windows account (made when you first setup your computer) and product key from the system that has windows 8.

If you didn't make an account (like me) you can use this link to get the disk using another computer.

If you don't have a CD drive in that laptop, the link will also allow you to make a bootable Windows 8 USB flash drive.

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Hi hasan

To recover a broken windows os you would need a recovery disk

This can be found with the package purchased from your supplier, or Else if you don't have one you can download a recovery disk andount the file onto a bootable USB/cd.

Hope it helps


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I got my W700 secondhand without the dvds, was hoping somone can make me a copy of theirs and upload it somewhere for me? my email is and username hardbbouw.



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