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The original Macintosh desktop computer, initially released as the "Apple Macintosh" in 1984.

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How to fix "out of memory" error

I started up my macintosh with normal system tools disk but it always says out of memory and lets me click restart but when I put my smooth talker disk in it will work but any other disk whether system tools or other applications it will say out of memory. how do I fix it?

p.s. I doubt this has anything to do with it but two days before. I changed the floppy drive to a new one same type and stuff just a new one that works better.

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You've probably tried to install a 800K floppy drive instead of the 400K drive it came with.

The Macintosh contained a 400 KB, single-sided 3.5-inch floppy disk drive and dedicated no space to other internal mechanical storage. The Mac OS was disk-based from the beginning, as RAM had to be conserved, but this "Startup Disk" could still be temporarily ejected. (Ejecting the root filesystem remained an unusual feature of the Classic Mac OS until System 7.) One floppy disk was sufficient to store the System Software, an application, and the data files created with the application. Indeed, the 400 KB drive capacity was larger than the PC XT's 360 KB 5.25-inch drive. However, more sophisticated work environments of the time required separate disks for documents and the system installation. Due to the memory constraints (128 KB) of the original Macintosh, and the fact that the floppies could hold 400 KB, users frequently had to swap disks in and out of the floppy drive. For that reason, external floppy drives were frequently used. The Macintosh External Disk Drive (mechanically identical to the internal one, piggybacking on the same controller) was a popular add-on at US$ 495. Third-party hard drives were considerably more expensive and connected to the slower serial port (as specified by Apple), though a few manufacturers chose to use the faster non-standard floppy port. The 128K can only use the original Macintosh File System for storage.

A stock Mac 128K with the original 64K ROM cannot use Apple's external 800 KB drive with HFS, nor Apple's HD20 hard drive. A Mac 128K that has been upgraded with the newer 128K ROM (A Macintosh 128Ke) can use internal and external 800 KB drives with HFS, as well as the HD20.

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This is what I was thinking but didn't have the data or explanation you did. Good detailed answer.


thanks man for the update but I was a idiot I should have posted this elsewhere because my macintosh is 512ke it has the same floppy drive it came with. I bought a drive that came out of a mac 2 a guy selled online and both drives have the same number MFD-51W sorry my bad but what you said might steer myself to a answer or might already be answered but thanks man


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Yes I'll bet its the "new improved" drive.

Put the old one back and see what happens. If you still get the same error you may have blown a RAM chip when you went inside and did your swap

The machine bus may be too slow for the drive and so you're getting in/out errors. They EFI may not have language code for that so it's doing the best it can to complain/alert the user within the acceptable language it has available.

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well its the same type drive the 800kb floppy drive so I guess maybe it blown a ram chip well I will switch them back and see what happens. ill try to find ram chips later online. thanks


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