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Flashing question mark after installing new hard drive.


I followed your instructions on installing a new hard drive and now when I turn it on a flashing question mark in a folder keeps flashing. I've tried pressings the option key on start up and all that does is take me to a page to log into my wifi and no further than that.

Cheers, Ben.

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If you can can't get past the blinking folder "?" gray-screen, try re-opening your mac hardware and make sure all wires are firmly connected inside. I was careful to do it right the first time, but it didn't work until the second.


It should be the hard cable connector issue


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Ben - Your new hard drive does not have the needed software on it yet.

Do you still have the USB thumb drive? Or if you have the external optical drive and the recovery CD/DVD that came with your system?

If not is your old HD still working? If it is you could try using a universal drive adapter to connect it via your USB port.

Using any one of these you should be able to install a fresh copy of your OS onto your new drive.

If you don't have any means to recover things, you still have an out. See if you can prep up a USB thumb drive off of a friends mac. The one issue here you'll face is your system can only support 10.7.5 (Lion) or older (Snow Leopard being the better OS). If you can't find someone with the needed OS your last hope is to call Apple and order the recovery disk/USB. It will cost you around 20 dollars (you maybe asked for your systems S/N). If they send you a disk you'll then need to locate an Apple external optical drive if you don't have one. Once you have the needed means to install the OS the rest is easy ;-}

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Thanks for your reply very helpful . My only option is to call apple and get a recovery disk what operating system do I have to ask for?


Most likely they will ask for your systems serial number to then send you the correct recovery disk. You can also get a retail version of either 10.7.5 (Lion) or the older 10.6.x (Snow Leopard). I would stick with Snow Leopard being the better OS for this system. I should point out some newer apps won't run with Snow Leopard, let running Lion has its risks here too.


Thanks I have purchased a copy of snow leopard and the apple super drive I'm guessing to set it up I follow the format hard drive instructions on here?


Yes, basically the optical drive with the retail version of the OS disk inserted should boot up your system. Then it will guide you on prepping your new HD. I would recommend getting a thumb drive and prep it up as well so you have a more portable boot up drive for maintenance. Lastly you should also get an external drive for backing up your stuff just in case as well.


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Hey there, I’m wondering if you could help. I’m having the same issue except I can’t use disk utility to repair or format the partition. The Genius Bar formatted my drive fine, but my laptop still can’t boot into the correct disk or even recognize it. When installing from disk utility, it can’t detect the drive either. Is it really my connector cable that’s wrong or is it something else?

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