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disconnecting only keyboard on MacBook air

I have a 2010 Air 13" with spanish keyboard. Very little water was spilled on it but since then it s not acting correctly. I plugged in an external keyboard which makes it work almost right. It starts in safe mode though, so I d like to disconnect the keyboard to see how it works then.

I took it to a repair center and they told me the mother board was dead, but I don t really believe them.


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Sadly the power on button runs through the circuitry to the keyboard. Replacing the top case is the best option.

If you were to disconnect the keyboard you'd have to first set up scheduled start to boot the computer as the power own button wouldn't work.

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Thank you. Yes, I managed to disconnect it and realized I couldn t turn it on then. So I tried to connect it, start the mac then disconnect it. It booted without safe mode :) Too bad I did the cmd+option+p+r before, I lost my photoshop in the operation...

Other than that it seemed to run well. Only it asks me to confirm certificate for every page i opened. Also, some sites wouldn t load normally, but I don think it has anything to do with my harware.

Is it easier to replace the top case than just the keyboard, which costs 4 times less?

Thanks for your help.


also, I had a spanish keyboard, if I replace the top case, can I put a US one?


The Keyboard/top case are one component on these models. Replacing just the keyboard (IMHO) is a masochisit DIY exercise - involving 100s of screws/rivets and you'd have to find a keyboard that fit (they are not made/sold separately it would be a salvage pull (dependability unknown). You should have no problem putting in an English Keyboard after you reset the Language and Text in System Preferences.


Thank you.

I decided to order the full top case and will follow the guide to replace it.

Thanks again.


You can call it masochistic, but it is certainly possible; I've replaced 2 Macbook Pro keyboards. It can be much cheaper than buying the full top case. There are no rivets or anything - just many small screws and removing the stickerlike waterproofing membrane under the keyboard. But it does take patience.


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