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Processore dual core Intel Core i5 da 2,6 GHz (3,2 GHz con Turbo Boost) con 3 MB di cache L3. Lanciato il 13 febbraio 2013

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Battery detected but not charging

Hi all,

a friend spilled beer at his device. He switched it off right away and had it of for three days for dring.

Then we turned the MacBook on again but the battery has not been detected anymore so bought a new one, cleaned the logic board and installed the new battery.

The battery is detected but the state of the battery is "replace soon" and the battery is not being charged?

We have tried to do all the SMC reset things.

Do you know a nice way how to find the issue? Is it jut a poor new battery he got or the MagSafe PCB which is broken?

Thanks for help.

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I would suspect the DC-in board, or the battery charging connector/circuit. By the way there are no software fixes for hardware problems. Not pulling the battery straightaway probably killed the logic board.

It may be repairable - but, logic board repair is not a good DIY project its very easy to destroy a logic board (logic board replacement is a very advanced DIY project) You may be able to send the logic board to one of those places on e-bay that repair them... or just buy a replacement board.

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Sorry! I have the same issue, did you found the solution?

Thank you!

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