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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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iPod charging but not fully...

When I plug it in, it shows a red sliver of battery and a lightning bolt. After a while, it boots into the OS. The problem is that it warns you there's less than 10% battery left and the battery icon no longer shows a lightning bolt. I can't get the battery to keep charging. Does this mean the battery's at the end of its life?

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Ok, I just got a better theory. I peered into the dock port down there and found that the little circuit piece is wobbly and one of the pins (it looks like #1 or #2) has been pushed into the back wall and bent up.


I've also found out that pin #1 and #2 are grounding pins. So maybe this explains why it charges at first but stops once it boots up? I guess the OS checks for the pins and manually stops the charging if one of them is missing? Now.. if I could find a software fix for a hardware problem, that would truly be amazing.


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I would bet dead battery. you should be able to change it, if using one of the guides... it is an old device, battery is nearing its end anyways...

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