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Guide di riparazione per telefoni cellulari Android fabbricati da LG.

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My LG Optimus F3 LS720 phone is stuck in safe mode?

i already did the hard and factory reset and didn't work. also i'd try the power button volume up/down and still can somebody help me!?

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i already tryed alot of times and it wont work plzz help


i had that problem and all i did was a battery pull and that was it.


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Hey guys it sounds like your actual keys are malfunctioning. Charles, it sounds like you are already aware of this… To get into safe mode though (which is a very powerful troubleshooting tool and feature for Android phones by the way) you typically have to hold the Power key and another button like the volume up key at the same time while turning on the phone which instructs the phone to boot into Safe mode.

If however your volume key is stuck down or malfunctioning you might not be pressing it in yourself but your phone might think you are and it thinks that you actually trying to enter Safe mode (even though you aren’t).

So start by rebooting your phone first and then a battery pull (if available) and then check those keys. You can read more about trying to fix this problem at Trying to fix an LG Optimus that’s stuck in Safe Mode. I think that should help.

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Thank you very much Hun what you said to do worked fine , again thanks , Mr. Reid ( Joe )


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Sometimes it happened with our smartphone, It get stuck or working too slow maybe the software problem so you should try resetting your device with Hard or Soft reset :


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