The iHome iH5 is a plug-in speaker accessory for Apple's iPod and iPhone, released July 1, 2005.

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Why are my speakers not working?

I have my device plugged in and the display is on but my speakers will not play any sound. What do I do?

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There are a wide variety of problems this could be. There are some different things that can be done to fix this. Two of the main problems are bad wiring or bad speakers. The most common way to fix this problem is to replace the speaker.

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@Maggie Hill, how do you check the wiring? How do you replace the speakers? Can you check the speakers? Your answer is not specific enough to repair this device.


Some easy ways to see if the wires are bad is to do a visual check. If the wires are frayed or no longer connected then they are bad. This video from youtube done by FixitSam shows how to see if a the speaker itself is broken Some signs that it's your speakers that are broken is if before it stopped playing music the speakers would have a buzzing sound or a crackling. If the speaker needs to be replaced there is a guide on the device page for replacing broken speakers.


@Maggie Hill "If the wires are frayed or no longer connected then they are bad. " what makes them bad? Can I not re-solder those? What else could it be if the OP checked the speakers and they are okay? Any chance the iPod dock may have failed before the speakers or the wiring? How about a visual check on the connector itself? That is the first part that a device would attach to and the one part that would most likely fail before the wiring or the speakers. Just my 2 cents ;-)


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