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iPhone 5 verizon no service after replacing powe \ volume control flex

i have replaced the power and volume control flex for iPhone 5 Verizon, now i am getting no signal, everything were put back as is and and i have tried to check if damaged any chips or cables but still no service, formatted and installed the latest IOS still no service, i fixed the date and time again no service,

please help,

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Once the battery has been disconnected, the phone can use a reboot this way (the best way I found after trying many other combinations):

Connect to iTunes, allow to "trust" so that the iPhone appears in iTunes.

WAIT until the clock has synced, THEN reboot your iPhone by pressing Home Button and Power Button together for 15 seconds. Once the phone restarts, it should connect to the network and stop searching.

Sometimes the network settings are messed up and a Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings may fix it.

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Also look at Settings>General>About>imei. If your imei number is not showing while in range, you may have issues with your logic board.

If this is the case, reply here to see if there something that can be done still..


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Did you check the inter-connect cables, then long straight is for cellular. Also double check the cellular service antenna next to the battery connector.

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Make sure this cable is connected properly

Block Image

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If all the cables are correctly connected as the other commenters have suggested, try checking the date and time. Often it resets when removing the battery and then won't connect.

Hope I helped.

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