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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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AirPort Sees Wireless Network but won't establish connection

Another question about my daughter's PB.

The airport card sees her wireless network but will not connect to it thus no internet connection. Self assigns an IP. the menu bar displays the 'radar' pattern with all bars ... good signal.

She has reset the router/modem and tried to manually configure. Both did not work. Her roommate (has a PC) is able to access the internet so the router/modem are good.

Has not tried to connect via ethernet, I believe. But I have asked her to try.

My line of reasoning is, if able to connect via Ethernet, then it is an airport card issue.

If unable to connect via ethernet, then it is a system problem.

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Hi, I would suggest that while you have the top case off to replace the PRAM battery you should check the antenna connections for the airport card. Based on what you say I would think she either has a problem with the antenna or the card itself is defective. One other thing to do when checking the antenna connections--make sure the airport card is making a good connection. Good luck. Ralph

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz Airport Extreme/Bluetooth Card Replacement

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OK, she replaced the battery and now the computer works normally. Sees the network, connects...even keeps the correct time and date.

Now I am really confused...

(similar post on my other thread.)

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A" Known issue" with these laptops and low batteries is'' dropping wireless connections.


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I don't think its an antenna issue, cause it shows all bars in the icon. I'd doublecheck the network settings. If that doesn't helps I suspect a bad airport card.

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