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How do I replace the rear shocks on 2006 Dodge Charger?

I can see the lower mounting bolt but cannot see the top of the upper mounting bolt and am not sure how/where to remove it from the car.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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1. Jack up the rear bumper. You can have hydraulic jack and jack the whole thing up as there is a plate under of the main frame of the car. Then put 2 braces under there. Brace it up so it won't fall and crush you and then you can remove jack once you have it braced on both sides CORRECTLY.

2. Or if you only have original jack, do one side at a time and there is a rail on both sides of the main frame. If you have no idea what the main frame is you should not be under there or likely you would end up crushed.

Need socket wrench with a swivel head and an extension 3-4". You cannot see the bolt, you have to feel it by hand and then lock your wrench onto it. Try to unloosen it. If you have a problem spray up in there or use a metal pipe on your ratchet itself as you need leverage. This will give you 50% more power torque.

Once you get the bolts off, jack it up some more with another jack, so there is no pressure on the shock or it will be hard to get off.

Brace the additional amount you have lifted it. It needs to come off easy or you could get hurt. ALWAYS THINK OF SAFETY FIRST.

If the car starts rocking at all, desist and stop now, it is not braced correctly.

The bolts and everything you take off should go in your toolbox. If left on the ground, some will disappear.

Have your brand new shocks ready, here is where it gets tricky, stock shocks or other, could be tighter so see if it goes on easy. You may have to lift or lower that side. You will have to do the top by feel. Put your little finger thru the hole to see if it lines up with the rod that comes out where you have to put the screw. If you have a bright hanging light , it could make the whole process easier. Once it is bolted in, don't over tighten right off the bat. Then reverse procedure to the other side.

Let all the jacks down, then you tighten all bolts tightly. Once week later go and check all the bolts are still tight, just in case one did not get tightened enough. Then you would be in trouble.

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Troy , besides all the great points Herman is making, here are the instructions from the service manual:"




2. Remove wheel mounting nuts (3), then tire and wheel assembly (1).

3. Position under-hoist utility jack or jack stand under outer spring link adding just enough support to keep suspension from going into full-rebound when shock absorber mounting bolts are removed.

Block Image

4. Remove shock absorber (1) lower mounting bolt (2) and nut (4).

Block Image

5. Remove shock absorber (1) upper mounting bolts (2).

6. Remove shock absorber (4).

Block Image



2. On both sides of vehicle, remove wheel mounting nuts (3), then rear tire and wheel assembly (1).

Block Image

WARNING: Before opening fuel system, review all Warnings and Cautions.

3. If servicing left side shock absorber, remove fuel filler tube. (Refer to 14 - FUEL SYSTEM/FUEL DELIVERY/FUEL TANK FILLER TUBE - REMOVAL)

4. Position an extra pair of jack stands under and support forward end of engine cradle to help stabilize vehicle during rear suspension removal/installation.

5. Perform following if vehicle is equipped with dualexhaust or are servicing right side on vehicle with single exhaust.

a. Position under-hoist utility jack or stand several inches below exhaust at muffler.

b. Disconnect exhaust isolators at muffler and resonators hangers.

c. Lower exhaust down to rest upon top of jack or stand placed below muffler.

Block Image

6. Position under-hoist utility jack or transmission jack (3) under center of rear axle differential (1). Raise jack head to contact differential and secure in place. When securing crossmember to jack, be sure not to secure stabilizer bar.

Block Image

7. Remove shock absorber (1) upper mounting screws (2).

Block Image

8. Remove shock absorber (1) lower mounting bolt (2) and nut (4).

Block Image

NOTE: If equipped with AWD, when removing crossmember mounting bolts in following step, be sure to not to misplace spacers (1) between crossmember mounts (2) and body.

Block Image

CAUTION: When removing crossmember mounting bolts (2 and 3) it is important NOT to loosen or remove crossmember mounting bolts on opposite side of vehicle. Doing so will require rear wheel alignment following reinstallation to ensure proper thrust angle.

Block Image

9. Remove both front and rear crossmember mounting bolts (2 and 3) on repair-side of vehicle.

CAUTION: To avoid damaging other components of vehicle, do not lower crossmember (1) any further than necessary to remove shock absorber.

10. Slowly lower jack allowing repair-side of crossmember to drop. Do not lower jack at a fast rate. Lower jack just enough to allow top of shock absorber to clear body flange.

11. Remove shock absorber (3) by tipping top outward and lifting lower end out of pocket in spring link (4).

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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