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Una console di gioco per la televisione prodotta da Sony Computer Entertainment, conosciuta anche come PS4. Annunciata il 20 febbraio 2013 e lanciata sul mercato il 15 novembre 2013.

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Is PS4 working with SATA III SSD?

Is PS4 working with SATA III SSD? Can I upgrade it for SATA III speed?

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I would say, no, unfortunately!

SATA III (6GB\ps) is backwards compatible with SATA II (3GB\ps), so in english to all non-IT individuals, they WILL work in the console, just not at 6GB\ps but at 3GB\ps. IGN, yes, did do some testing, but the results can be misleading. You do receive faster times with an SSD, but naturally that would happen anyhow as that's what they were built to accomplish.

PCPer did some testing of their own, and I believe them to be the most reasonable on their findings. The speeds of which SATA III and II differ should be two fold, mathematically. The most common results so far in PS4 testing with the native SATA II HDD (from factory) and SATA III SSD tested differed at most 32%. The margin should've been exponentially greater if the PS4 utilized true SATA III speeds.

If you're intention is to upgrade the current drive to something more performance ready, it will all come down to if you find it worth it to gain 32% of speed at almost half the price of the console itself. It's a battle I'm having difficulty with now too.

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Its all that cr#p going on in the background hogging limited bandwidth plus unlike a pc the operating system and everything else are all on one drive. Bought an ssd for my pro waste of money if you want my opinion.


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It works flawlessly just got my 750gb Samsung SSD from Amazon. They are on sale now -

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My understanding is that it does not have a sata chipset, but it uses the USB 3.0 bus. Which would also explain why an external drive is not supported as it would use up the bandwidth. But I am not entirely certain. *No mention of a sata chip here:

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Even if it work, sony owner OS do not support TRIM

And a downloaded game could be more than 40gb!

Personnaly I've installed a 7200 r/pm 750gb blackcaviar.

the hdd case is height enought ,for 1tb hdd, i think even more(2tb)

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Yes they are. IGN tried it and succeeded but got some strange results on boot time for games and install time for games.

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