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Seconda generazione di iPhone. Modello A1241/8 o 16 GB di memoria/plastica posteriore bianca o nera. La riparazione è più semplice rispetto al primo iPhone. Richiede l'uso di cacciaviti e strumenti di leva e distacco con ventose.

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sim reader is screwed


i just encountered this site and u guys are doing a fabulous job.

i have an issue with my iphone from past 3 months.

i did not used it because i dont know how to fix the p[roblem.

the problem is that one of the strings in the sim reader is displaced from its actual position. when i insert sim tray the bottom part is broken and was struck in there. i can see the metalic part of the reader through the vent.

i think replacing sim tray will resolve the issue but i cant find a tutorial to replace it.

i really appreciate if some one could post a tutorial for fixing this.

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well, have a look at the teardown - it should help.

at you see the mainboard with the sim holder - should be fixable if the original contacts are still ok, but you my not be able to remove the sim card depending on your fix.

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The sim card does not activate when I put the sim card in the phone. I have replaced the tray with a new one but it still does not read it? Can you help me?

Otis Hughes


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My note 2 is doing same thing n it was working just fine, then i switched sim cards n now it wont read sim, help plzzz if u know how??


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