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My N76VZ does not boot anymore (no access to bios)


My laptop Asus N76VZ does not boot anymore.

Only the Led of the power button on/off lights up.

No display on the screen.

I have no access to bios menu.

Does anyone now how to reset BIOS on this laptop?

Thanks for your help


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What happened just prior to this? Did this happen all of a sudden or did anything happen prior to it? what have you tried so far to fix it?


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Can you hear the fan spinning?

Are the CapsLock and ScrLk lights blinking?

If the fan is spinning, probably you have a software problem.

If the CapsLock and ScrlLk lights are blinking probably your video chip problem and need to replaced or "reballed", a process of ressolderig a BGA chip.

If none of this symptoms are shown, I think it is a internal power problem that should be checked and fixed by a qualified technician or an experienced electronic hobbist.~


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Firstly you need to make sure that whether your power supply is properly working or not. For this you can use a voltmeter to check on the pic whether the output voltages are matching with the labeled output or not. Also powering it up without battery and see if it works out or not.

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