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15.6" Windows 7 laptop with aluminum surfaces and IceCool technology.

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How do I fix the ac plug in?

The power adapter won't stay connected when I try to recharge the battery or run it on a/c power. I have to forcefully hold it in place. I've checked the cord and it is okay.

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Your laptop DC jack is probably bad ou got unsoldered from the board hence having to force it in place to get it working. You should disassemble the laptop and get accces to the motherboard and dessolder the DC jack and replace with a new one as ressoldering the same may be temporary solution. Google for a tutorial on your laptop disassembly or try in Youtube.

I hope having helped you,


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You can probably just replace the whole DC board. For my model (N53), it cost $12 on EBay. By the time you find, buy and match a new socket instead, solder it, test it etc., it may not be worth the effort.

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hi ,

In general the Dc jack is soldered on the board. the internal side (the negative one) in cooper do not touch the Board and already broken. Because of life time of soldering and usage . so you can have a temporary solution by resoldering it and the best solution is to replace the DC jack totally.

After that to make sure that all going alright use a voltemetre

put the the negative side in the ground of on of your USB entry

put the positive side on the pins of the battery on after one at DC there is 3 pins should give you 3.65 VDC for each one.

scratch the cuivre of dc jack that touch the upper side of the board t have a solide soldering.

Good luck

Adel- Technician

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The 3 answers are very helpful.

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