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Where are the screw locations for disassembly?

I am having a hard time finding all the screws to disassemble the mouse. I have located three on the exterior of the mouse unable to disconnect the shell from the body.

I have tried to use a micro screwdriver to try and pry apart the shell but in the attempts, feel that It will break if I try any harder.

I have tried to research online and through youtube even. no one has this model to show.Can anyone help me out?

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my weibo 2.4Ghz wireless mouse went out of work.

I wanted to disassemble the mouse but it doesn't have a screws and the stickers that covers the screws are solids so I can't take them apart.

how can I disassemble my mouse.

pleaseeeeee help my brother will hate on me if he notices


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Okay, found them, but then I would have never figured that they would put screw holes under the stickers that have the manufacturers information and what not. This is information that you may need, yet gets tore up from having to peel it off to access the screws.

There are 5 total screws that have to be taken out. There is one that is located inside where the batteries are and the other four are located around the edges on the bottom. None of which are visible. You must take off two stickers that sub as gliders (if you want to call them that), the other two are under the information stickers, you can peel these back carefully without damaging the information if this is important you).

There are 3 that are identical and then 2 of which are completely different, so I suggest that you lay the screws out in the pattern that you removed them. This will help placing the screws back into the correct holes.

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Hello @Sean,

Please explain why you opened your mouse up.

My mouse stopped working. The left and right click are fine, but the cursor doesn't move. Was this the problem you solved?




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