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Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD

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Power cable has connection problems

My Dell power cable started to randomly fail to supply power to the laptop. I suspected it was around the point of connection to the laptop because I could jiggle it around a bit and power would be restored.

It got so bad that I replaced the power cable with a cheap Chinese part from Amazon. This worked well for about 3 months and now has exactly the same problem.

Naively I would like to think I just need to make the fit better so it stays connected, but I'm not sure how I would do that.

Can someone advise a repair or a method to confirm the diagnosis of faulty connection and nothing more serious?



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i'm not exactly sure about the problem with your cable.

bu in common, the main parts that get faulty first are:

the last inch after the connector to the notebook or the counterpart of the connector on the mainboard

the mainboard conector can be replaced or most of the time it can be repaired - but be careful - those chinese power supplys can be dangerous - so better get an original one

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Can you provide a suggestion on how to diagnose which part has the problem? I'd rather not buy another power supply if the problem is on the motherboard.


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as far as i know should the part on the mainboard look like this when you hold the plug from the power supply anf try to wiggle it (just) a little bit (sorry - bad 20yr flashback) - does the connector "move" inside the notebook ?

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ok i took it apart, the plug on the mainboard didn't seem loose at all. i resoldered it into place and cleaned with compressed air and put the laptop back together. still pretty flaky.

i guess the next step is replace the part or replace the power cord...

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check your power supply output using a small volt meter (radio shack has them for less than ten bucks) after that you need to check the output from your main board. this requires you to put meter on leads of power connector first without power, then with battery power, and lastly the power adapter. Go to manufacturers site to get specifications for your exact model. What this will do is eliminate the components you are testing based on their output.

Whichever is below specified output are to be replaced

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