How to convert from battery only to ac/charger

Last whenever it was, I bought an old radio at a car boot/ yard sale (trash and treasure- call it what you will) for the junk fest competion (the less said about that the better-I stll have a marconi radiogram in pieces in my garage) and despite that the batteries required are no longer in production, I've managed to put 4x AA batteries in and hey presto! she works.

The person owning this before me has conveniently drilled a hole in the box and I'd like to connect up a charging port to run rechargeable batteries from so I don't have to keep pulling the screws out to change the batteries.

I'm not a genius, I do what I have researched that other genii have discovered..when I try to discover how one goes about this it throws out all manner of completely irrelevant internet nonsense. Even searching by parts makes my brain hurt.

Does anyone know a good guide to converting battery powered units to be able to charge?

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I build this one before. Pretty straight forward and not to expensive. What type of batteries are you going to use.


4x1.5v (AA) batteries to make a total 6v output


I meant the rechargeable batteries. Are you going NiMh, LiPo, etc? On the schematic, just adjust the resistor R4 (is a pot) to decrease the output to 6V.


NiMH (2400mAh)


Have you considered to install a female plug in your radio case and to use a wall wart charger ? Here is another great circuit that might help you as well


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