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Trouble connecting to HP Photosmart 7525 Printer via wi-fi

Hello. I have a Mac Book Pro and am running OS X 10.5.8 operating system. I cannot locate my new HP Photosmart 7525 printer that is on the Wi-Fi network that both devices share. When I go online to download the driver for the HP printer it states that my operating system is not compatible. Is my only solution to upgrade to OS X 6 or later? Also, even though the operating system is older, wouldn't I still be able to at least see the HP printer that is on the shared network? Just want to make sure that I am moving in the right direction. Thanks!

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Thanks machead & Harvir. I am an avid PC user and Macs are a little confusing at first. I appreciate your help!


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Took me 10 seconds on Google to find out your OS is not compatible - the link is from HPs site.

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You can try updating the software of your mac or maybe try to use the printer in windows on your mac which you can youtube how to do

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The problem with trying to print a Mac file (data? image?) from WinDUHows is how do you get it over there? You'd need two apps (one for Mac, one for Win,) Uunder emulation there might be some Drag and drop.. but not a printer file. Also; if you're going to upgrade OS why not just jump to 10.8 (unless that breaks apps you like that run only in 10.7) ?


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