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The eMac was an all-in-one G4-based Mac designed for the education market and released in April 2002. It was the last Mac to use a CRT display and was sold at a low price to schools and other institutions.

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Why keep it around?

My first Apple computer was an eMac, after getting fed up with hours spent maintaining and de-virusing a Windows machine. The eMac was a delight. It turned me into one of those really annoying converts who can't shut up about how dreamy his computing life is now that he's seen the Mac light.

Anyway, the old eMac has since been superseded by an iMac, an MBP, and an iPhone. It's become no more than an oversized paperweight. It still works, but it's an energy hog compared to current machines, and it can't run any OS leter than Tiger.

Is there any point in keeping it around?

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Hi barry !

Mabe could you upgrade your RAM or HD, did you try this ? You could also run a cleaning software (such as Onyx) to free your memory.

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I will to use it as a great music player or DVD movie box. They are great machines and in a pinch and with upgrade work find with snow leopard.

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Snow Leopard requires an Intel processor.


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