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No Backlight need to find fuse on MOBO

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Hello all I am working on an A1229 17 MBP LED unit. Original problem was bezel broke. They kept using it and tore up the cable to the inverter and shorted the pins inside inverter plug. I have replaced both of those parts and now am at board level. I have been searching and searching for the descriptor of the fuse that powers the backlight inverter. Anyone with a schematic or knowledge of the fuse would be much appreciated. I know this is an older MBP but everything else works good. Thank You In advance.


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q9805 was my culprit along with f9800

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Wade , what are the last three digits of your serial number? It will allow us to properly identify your logic board and hopefully gives us a chance to help you out.


I am looking at a fuse Mouser Part #: 576-0448002.MR which is a 2amp 125 volt fuse, I know the minimum voltage has to be 32 volts. I just want to make sure the ratings are correct prior to ordering. My solder station has a fine tip but even with that, I agree it will be challenging. I plan to just piggyback the fuse on the original one.

Thanks you for all your help.


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i think i have the same issue, i am getting voltage from the pins at the connector though.

from top down over 4 pins

i get



2v that slowly dropped to 0.2

3v that goes lower if the dimmer keys are used.

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So you are saying you do not have a backlight and checked the fuse, as well as the pins on the display connector?



i dont know the voltage for the pinouts for the connector on a1261 17 mbp

any ideas?

i checked f910 a white fuse for continuity and didnt get the buzz but got a reading of 145. i dont know what to do with these results.



What range of Ohms were you in? If you are measuring across the fuse you should read no voltage and less than 5 ohms. The fuse is a tiny little bugger at 1.8 mm by .9 mm. I just ordered my fuse from mouser last night so should have it in 4 or 5 days. I never measured the voltage the connector.


yeah i found it, picked up a loupe, it was reading 15ohm and showing continuity, should it not be infinite and blank if its blown.


15 ohms is possibly good. Unplug the black connector before measuring the fuse. It is very possible that another component is giving you that reading. Infinity is a true open but if you happen to be touching the probes your skin will show resistance too.


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