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Raptor HD replacement for Mac Mini Server?

Is it possible to replace the original hard drives in a mac Mini Server with a western Digital Raptor HD? Will the power supply spin it?

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The mac mini uses a 2.5'' harddrive. I don't know of any WD Raptor drives in the 2.5" form factor. The other concern here is heat and power usage. WD Raptor 10K drives are also major power hogs, so the machine will probably shut down from overdraw.

In short, it won't work. Get a SSD or a 7200RPM drive.

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It is possible, but raptors are quite noisy and get hot, the latter makes them especially not good for mac minis. I would go with ssd or green, or blue models

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The Raptor is a 3.5" drive (has a special heat sink), sorry just won't fit as it was designed for 3.5" HD frame.


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