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Power Mac G5 Freezes on startup screen.

Good day,

please help me :). I'm a computer technician in my country. I got this old Apple PowerMac G5 2.5Ghz Dual Liquid Cooled. It has a problem - it doesn't boot up.

Problem - starting up the device, it does the original Apple chime and freezes on gray screen (sometimes only gray, sometimes "No signal", sometimes apple logo) and doesn't boot further. USB keyboard and mouse - not working.

What i did already -

1. Replaced ALL Ram for new and tested ones... no luck.

2. Replaced HDD with a fully working one.

3. PRAM and the other one...SD..or something like that :) - reset both.

4. Changed the battery...

still no luck.... :( ... without a keyboard or boot, i can't even launch ASD tests...

Something mystical is happening :) ... Please help!!

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Today, i took out the processor module, took it all apart and there was no liquid-damage... :( ...cooling leaks, but just a little bit...

What i did -

1. took all apart, cleaned everything (processor boards as well)

2. put in new thermopaste.

3. put all togeather....

... now i have a power-on chime, but no signal on monitor... :( ...

4. put in other video card (fully working)... no luck...

5. reset all PRAM and stuff...

6. removed and placed in the RAM...

STILL i get only power-on light + sound (chime) + sometimes mouse power (USB) but only sometimes....keyboard - no power :(...

.... problems with processors or should i take apart the power supply?? ... or maybe some other suggestions??


Hi Jurjis! U are defenitly a brave man! What an effort!!! I hope for U, that U get paid by the hour and not for being succesfull! 1.) There is no need for changing the power supply when the Mac runs up with the chime! If it was dead, there'd be a loud 'click', a flickering status light and... nothing!

2.)Try to boot with the 'shift-key' hold down until the avatar starts running. That cuts off the accelaration ☞ safe mode! If that doesn't help I dont have any further idea, than 'castrating' the mac! Take off the upper. either or the lower processor ( Trial & Error)!

U seem to be more experienced than me! The two liquidcooled ones I got in hand, were dead-on-arrival ! I only had the opportunity to re-animate air cooled ones! Sorry , no further ideas than kicking it out!

Hey there, out there in the community, where's help!!!!?

'Docta Rooss' colink: 'Mayer, vee haff a problemm'!!!

So far Jurjis, good look!!!


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Hi Jurijs! If it is liquid cooled, say farewell! Go to the ifixit site for removing the Power Supply on a G5! The pictures there will give u an impression of the effect of liquid loss! If so, one or both Processors are overheated & burned.

Maybe u can save the machine by taking off one Processor! (Trial&error). Try to start up with 'shift key' hold down until the avatar starts to turn. Good Luck Alex

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