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Repair guides and support for Saturn's 2nd generation SC, SL, and SW.

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How to remove transmission?

Need a guide to remove the transmission on my 1996 Saturn.

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AT/MT? What engine size?


Google it. Search for "(your car type) shop manual"

That's what I do for mine and it works everytime


Remove the engine.

You can do the clutch by supporting the engine with a jack and wood block and shifting it into the wheel well. PITA but doable. Chack for details.


Hyundai excel 1996 hatch


Photos of manual


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monica castro, not knowing which transmission you have, I picked the Automatic :)"

Automatic Transmission Removal

On a level surface and using a set of ramps for low ground clearance automobiles, back the car onto them so that the rear wheels rest on them. Apply parking brake.

Loosen the lug nuts on the front wheels.

Enlist the help of another person and jack the car up simultaneously using two floor jacks. Once the front wheels are at the same height as the rear wheels on the ramps, use some jack stands to support the front end of the car.

Double check to make sure the car is sturdy and will not move.

Remove all air intake tubing.

Remove transaxle strut to cradle bracket bolt

Loosen transaxle strut to transaxle bracket bolt and flip transaxle strut out of the way

Disconnect battery terminals

Remove battery

Remove battery tray (13mm socket needed) [Note: two bolts are located in the fender well])

Disconnect all electrical connections from the transmission.

Actuator connector

Vehicle speed sensor

Turbine speed sensor

Transaxle temperature sensor

Gear selector switch connectors

Two ground terminals from top two converter housing bolts (15mm socket needed)

Remove top two converter housing-to-engine bolts (15mm deep socket required)

Remove spark plug wires from coil towers

Remove two ignition module electrical connectors

Remove bolts from electronic ignition module (5/16" socket needed) and remove the module

Using twine or wire, tie the radiator to the upper radiator support to hold the radiator in place when the cradle is removed

Install Saturn engine support bar #SA9105E or use a 2" x 4" piece of lumber and a bike chain. See picture for reference.

Remove the front wheels.

Remove right and left wheel well splash guards. Use a one or two screwdrivers to pop out the plastic rivet centers and remove the other part of the rivet. The shields will be held down near the bottom of the cradle with two metal clips. Use a small screwdriver to remove them.

Remove front engine splash shield. There are two 10mm nuts in front and two plastic rivets near the back of the shield.

On 92-94 vehicles, remove two engine strut bracket-to-cradle nuts (15mm socket needed)

On 91 vehicles, remove two engine mount-to-cradle nuts. (15mm socket needed)

Remove transaxle mount-to-cradle nuts. (15mm socket needed)

Remove front exhaust pipe-to-manifold/header nuts. (1/2" socket needed)

Remove front exhaust pipe-to-catalytic converter nuts. (1/2" socket needed)

Remove exhaust pipe support bracket-to-exhaust pipe nuts. (1/2" socket needed)

Remove front exhaust pipe from vehicle

Remove steering rack to cradle nuts (1/2" socket needed for bolts, 15mm socket needed for nuts). The bolt nearest the transaxle may not come out. Remove the nut and leave the bolt there until the cradle is removed.

Remove the brake line bracket plastic rivet at the rear of the cradle.

On 1991 vehicles, remove two transaxle front mount-to-cradle nuts. (15mm socket needed)

On 1991 vehicles, remove the rear transaxle mount.

Remove engine-to-transaxle stiffening bracket bolts and remove bracket. (13mm socket needed)

Remove dust cover to torque converter housing bolts and remove dust cover.

Remove four torque converter-to-flywheel bolts. Use of an impact gun may be required. If you can prevent the engine from spinning a breaker bar can be used. (15mm socket needed)

Remove the lower control arm-to-cradle bolt and nut. (15mm socket needed for bolt, 18mm socket needed for nut)

Remove sway bar nut at lower control arm. (15/16" socket needed)

Remove sway bar brackets. (15mm socket needed).

Remove the left side axle from the transaxle using a large screwdriver or pry bar. (Note: Do not allow screwdriver to contact axle seal or you might damage it.)

Remove the axle being careful not to touch the rubber seal with the sharp splines of the axle shaft.

Separate right side axle from intermediate shaft. Place the tip of a screwdriver on the end of the axle and tap it lightly with a hammer or mallet. The axle should separate from the intermediate shaft snap ring and you should be able to remove it the rest of the way by hand.

On DOHC engines, remove the intake bracket-to-intake manifold bolt. (10mm socket needed)

Remove intake bracket-to-intermediate shaft support nut. (15mm socket needed)

Remove starter bracket-to-intermediate shaft support bolt, if equipped. (10mm socket needed)

Remove three intermediate shaft-to-engine block bolts. (15mm deep socket required)

Carefully slide intermediate shaft out of transaxle being careful not to touch the rubber seal with the sharp splines of the intermediate shaft.

Support the cradle with two jacks on the left and right side.

Remove the four cradle-to-body bolts. (18mm socket needed [Note: There may be two large spacing washers between the cradle and the body at the two rear cradle attachments. Use wire or tape to attach the washers to the cradle to prevent loss])

Carefully lower the cradle with the jacks.

Disconnect the transaxle cooler lines from the transaxle. use a piece of 3/8" rubber hose to connect the two cooler lines together. This will prevent transaxle fluid from dripping all over the place.

Support transmission securely with a floor jack.

Remove two torque converter housing-to-engine bolts. One is located on the front of the engine just below the dipstick. One is located behind the engine near the starter.

Separate transaxle from engine and lower transaxle.

Lower transaxle enough to remove shift cable.

Remove the cable from the converter housing by squeezing the two release tabs with some needle nose pliers or two flat head screwdrivers.

Lower transaxle from vehicle.

from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Need pictures


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