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15.6" Windows 7 laptop with aluminum surfaces and IceCool technology.

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Can I resolder the contacts on my ac adaptor input jack?

I have a faulty input jack for my ac adaptor.(It is the jack on the laptop). It is loose, and I suspect it may have broken solder joints. I would like to test that theory, before replacing the jack itself. Does this sound feasible? I plan on using the dis-assembly guide, available on your website.

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Thank you for your input! I Knew that once I found the guide for diassembling The ASUS k53e, it would be much less trouble to fix this thing. I've been fixing just about anything that friends/relatives bring me for many years. I've aquired many interests, and hobbies over the years, & I have a very well equiped shop at home. I am very glad that I found this site while researching this project... I can't wait to begin contributing to the "pool" of knowledge. Thanks again.


Thank you for accepting my answer, and welcome to ifixit. It is always good to have new people with a variety of knowledge that are willing to share their knowledge. :-)


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Tim Cruzen, it is absolutely feasible, and very possible that this is what causes your issues. . Even if you would have to replace the jack completely, after all it really is only around $5 max and readily available at many places. The soldering is also straight forward.

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Its nearly always the positive post that breaks on these. You can kinda rig it to start charging again if you aren't confident in removing/replacing it on the board but for a permanent fix, it would need replaced

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