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My screen has stopped working.

Recently the screen on my PowerBook has stopped working.

I had closed the lid slightly(as I was listening to a podcast and didn't want it to stop) so that I could examine a map for something.

After I put away the map and opened the lid again.. The screen went black.

It would sometimes to black on it's own, But putting it to sleep or restarting would fix it.

Now none of this has worked.

It did suffer a fall a few months ago that dented the screen slightly, But the random blacking out bit had been happening prior to the accident.

I did get a slight work around, By connecting it to my TV and hitting the "Mirror Displays" button.

Works well. But the way it gets connected lowers video quality significantly.

Plus it only operates in 1024x768.

It's a 27'' TV.

Either a way to get the screen working again or a way to get better video quality/resolution when connected to my TV would be helpful answers.

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hola, tengo el mismo problema en una imac g5, pero me sale pantalla extendida, como hago para que salga duplicada comand +f1 no funciona, gracias


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Since you get video on an external device the PB graphic card (logic board) should be OK. Now we need to troubleshoot the LCD display assembly.

First: use a flashlight or a lamp to lighten the white Apple logo on the display back panel and check if you see a faint image of the desktop onscreen. If so then you have a screen lightning problem. This can be caused by:

- disconnected or loose inverter cable connector to the logic board or to the inverter board.

- damaged inverter cable (or reed switch board / cable, the PB display sleep system)

[prodotto collegato mancante o disabilitato: IF155-051]

- faulty inverter board

[prodotto collegato mancante o disabilitato: IF155-048]

- faulty backlight fluorescent tube (CCF lamp that lighten the LCD panel)

- in rare occasions: faulty inverter circuitry on the logic board

If you don't see a faint desktop image onscreen then the two sub systems (video and lightning) are failing (rare IMHO) and the LCD panel need to be replaced.

[prodotto collegato mancante o disabilitato: IF155-071]

A TV set has less image resolution than an external LCD monitor that's why you don't have a good image quality. Connect the PB on a DVI external monitor and you'll get full quality.

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