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IPad want turn on after rain damage

I left my ipad out in the rain, I dried it off and the battery was completely dead. I let it dry for a 3 days and put a charge on it and powered it up. It wasn't quite acting right, so I cut it off and let it dry for about week. Then plug it in and it worked fine, used it for about 30 min. Let it charge over night and unplugged it from the charger and everything seamed fine. After a couple of hours I go to use it and it want turn on. I have tried hard reseting, charging, holding home button while plugging it into my computer and no avail. Any suggestions on what it may be?

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I'm afraid there is some water left inside your Ipad... The first time you dried it, water that could short-circuit your mother board has moved or vapored, but some water was still here and moved from an "no matter" place to a disturbing one...

It would help to know how are positioned the different modules in an Ipad, so as to shake it to send water near the vents and not to "electrically water-sensible" dead-ends .

In your place, I would send my Ipad to an over-heated but well ventilated bathroom, in such a position that air flows in it, and I would wait for a couple of days (or more)

I "almost" recovered an eee-pc after an unplanned bath : it was dripping in any position you could hold it... but after letting it drip for a while in every position, I put it in the sun every time I could for a week (I was in Madagascar, far from home) and when i got home, I used the bathroom method. It runs "almost fine" now, except I'll have to change the keyboard, because "esc" seems to be the only dead key, very useful when going to the bios setup

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