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Modello metà 2010, A1278 / processore Core Duo 2,4 o 2,66 GHz

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Replacing Logic Board with one from an older model.

Is it possible to replace the logic board in a 2010 macbook pro 13 inch with a logic board from a 2009 macbook pro 13? I have a water damaged logic board on my 2010 macbook pro and found a good deal on logic boards from the 2009 macbook pro 13 inch versions.

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This thread is very very useful! Thanks! And congrats for your audacity!


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Generally you really need to stay within the same generation when swapping parts around. Often downwardly compatibility is more workable than upper.

In this case your issue is more complex Apple often reconfigures its logic boards between generation families. I doubt these would be interchangeable. If you know the exact models review the iFixIt guides to see the differences between them.

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Would the differences simply be in how the logic boards are put together, as in an older generation logic board could not even be placed in a newer generation MacBook? Or are there more suttle differences that might cause problems even if the logic board could be installed in the newer generation model? Differences that go beyond what is required for the logic board to be properly installed. To put it simply, if the logic board can be installed does that necessarily mean it will work?


I just reviewed the iFixit guides and there was no difference in the listed steps for logic board replacement on either the 2009 or 2010 models, and by looking at the images that go along with the steps, the logic boards looked the exact same. So like I asked in my previous comment, if the logic board can be installed would there be any underlying changes that would cause problems when booting the computer?


If you feel they are the same then give it a try. Sorry to say haven't needed to go that far. Please let us know what happens.


Success! I just finished installing a 2009 2.26 ghz Logic board 661-5230 in my 2010 13" MacBook and was able to boot it from the Mac OSX installation DVD. The hard drive was damaged when the computer was water damaged so that is all that needs to be replaced to restore it to normal working condition. The only difference I found during installation was that when replacing the heat sink I was only able to get 3 of the 4 screws to match up. The length of the heat sink was just slightly off enough to not allow the fourth screw to be placed.


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Thanks for trying with success the "downgrade", I am looking for an older board as the a1278 2010 board is really really expensive 150€! People are totally foolish...

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