Left channel is unresponsive - how do you diagnose/repair?

I have a pair of V600's and V900's and let me tell you, both are great sets of headphones.

The clarity from these V900's is much better to my ears, though, so I like to use them at home for mixing and recreation.

This is why I'm dismayed at their current condition.

The V900 set took a 18" fall on to my concrete driveway and now the left earcup as issues:

  • On lower-powered devices (like an iPod) it gets no sound whatsoever.
  • On devices like my computer and I/O box, that have a bit more kick to offer, the left channel will put out some sound, but it is no longer balanced with the right. If I boost the left channel to match, it becomes noticably distorted even though the volume is the same as the right.

I took apart the left earcup and saw the wire's soldering looked a bit dodgy, so I resoldered the connection. Unfortunately, there was no change in performance.

Others' advice has been that the membrane surround attaching the woofer to the driver may be damaged. The suggestion was that the driver itself was damaged.

I'd like to know how others would go about diagnosing the problem and fixing it. Please post if you think you can help.

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I am wondering if you have some bad voice coils. Any chance you can post an image of your board from the headphones?


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