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Repair guides and support for the third generation of C/K pickup trucks.

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Removal of wing window

How do I remove the wing window on my 1985 C-10 pickup, so I can install new weather stripping?

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Bob, lets see if this helps a bit:)

"• If replacing vent window, perform DISASSEMBLY steps 2 and 3.

• If removing vent window assembly (17), perform steps 1-4.

1. Remove screw (5) and slide up cover (3). Remove bolt (4), From inside of door, remove bolt (1) and reinforcement (6). Remove spacer (2).

2. Remove 2 screws (10) and spacers (11). Remove screw (12).

Block Image

3. Remove screw (16). Loosen screw (9). Peel top of window glass run (14) from door (13), Peel edge of window glass run from vent window assembly (17). Pull vent window assembly and window glass run from door, and remove vent window assembly from

window glass run.

4. Remove screw (9), retaining nut (7), and bumper (8) if damaged.

Block Image

5. Slide window glass (18) forward to disengage forward window regulator assembly roller (21) from notch in sash channel (20). Push window glass forward, then tilt up until rear window regulator assembly roller is disengaged. Place window glass and sash channel assembly in level position and pull straight up and out of door (13).

6. Remove pin (32) and pull off handle (22), plunger (23), and spring (24). Remove screw (31) and stud (30). Remove washer (29), plastic washer (25), plate (27), and spacer (26) from vent window glass (28).

7. Remove rivet (35) and sash hinge (34) from frame hinge (36), Straighten tab on tab washer (41), remove nut (42), tab washer, spring (40), spring retainer washer (39), 2 washers (38), and stop (37). Discard rivet.

8. Remove sash (45) from frame (33). Remove weatherstrip (46) from frame.

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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I'm looking for part numberd 45 were can i find Miguel Thanks

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miguel, check ebay and look for wing window sash. Otherwise a good body shop can help you out as well.


To my knowledge, the window sash is not being sold new anywhere. Fortunately, there are many available in the scrapyards, and all of the gaskets are available to recondition a used frame. Sash gasket (PN 45 in the above diagram) is available from LMC. I haven't found it anywhere else. When buying weatherstripping, pay careful attention to whether you have window frames that are pre-1981 two piece, 1981-85 two piece, or 1985 - 87/91 one-piece. Pre-1981 use rivets to hold in the straight part of the vent window weatherstrip; 81-85 two-piece use metal tabs. One-piece gaskets should be obvious when removed. No matter what else you read on the internet or what a friend tells you, the one piece gasket for an 85-87 will ABSOLUTELY NOT interchange properly into the frame designed to accept the 1981-85 two-piece gaskets. Yes, you can cut and silicone, but why on earth would you do that to a brand new $50 set of gaskets?! Just determine what you have, and order the correct ones from the start.


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