11" MacBook Air(s) - Will 2010 screen assembly work on 2011?

Hi there,

I have a Late 2010 11" Macbook Air with a fried logic board and a Mid-2011 11" Macbook Air with a broken LCD. I'm wondering if I can swap screen assemblies?

I would be using the 2010 screen assembly on the 2011 computer?

Yes, or no?

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Question = Answered...

I disassembled both machines this evening, and upon attaching the 2010 screen assembly to the 2011 body, I noticed two things:

1) 11.6" Mid-2011 MacBook Air's did not use a shim between the hinge and case assembly unlike the 2010 model, which had a single metal shim between each hinge.

2) Since the Bluetooth/Airport board is mounted differently on the Mid-2011 Logic Board, the antenna cables on the Late-2010 screen assembly DO NOT reach. I repeat, they DO NOT REACH.

Long story short - This does not work.

Hope this helps.


what if i have a 2010 macbook air and im trying to use a 2011 screen? Wont the cables just be alittle longer?


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