Bringing the power back to your 5th generation iPod Nano.

  1. Insert an iPod opening tool between the outer case and top bezel near the screen.
    • Insert an iPod opening tool between the outer case and top bezel near the screen.

    • Lifting up on the iPod opening tool, gently pry the top panel off of the device.

    • The bezel is attached with adhesive, and may require some force to remove.

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  2. Use an iPod opening tool to pry the hold switch button off of the hold switch plate.
    • Use an iPod opening tool to pry the hold switch button off of the hold switch plate.

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    • Remove the two 3.2 mm screws.

    • These screws are angled toward the outer case and are also very small. Use a sharp screwdriver and be careful not to strip the screws.

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    • Insert an iPod opening tool between the outer case and the metal hold switch plate near the top of the screen .

    • While slightly lifting up on the iPod opening tool, pull the hold switch plate out of the iPod.

    • The hold switch plate is still attached to iPod by a very thin, very fragile ribbon cable. Be careful not to break it.

    My ribbon broke.

    I see that on the pictures further down, you removed the covering plate, which I would suggest to do, as it'll put less weight on the ribbon.

    Luckily, we can find spare ones. In fact it doesn't sell alone, it's with the earphones jack.

    Michel Raj - Replica

    could you elaborate more as to how did you remedy the broken ribbon?

    michael deaner - Replica

    is the broken ribbon fixable?

    michael deaner - Replica

    is the broken ribbon fixable?

    michael deaner - Replica

    I am new to this my ribbon broke when I was taking out the battery  doesn't  the new battery ribbon connect to the one connected to the end switch, by that I mean can I connect the new battery ribbon to the end switch ribbon?,where it broke?

    michael deaner - Replica

    • The glass panel is held in place by adhesive on all four sides. In the following steps, work carefully to avoid cracking the glass.

    • Insert an iPod opening tool between the display and the glass panel at the top of the device.

    • Rotate the iPod opening tool towards the rear of the device, slightly lifting the top of the glass out of the outer case.

    • The glass panel does not raise very far. Do not attempt to completely remove the panel yet, or you are likely to break the display screen.

    I would recommend using a heat gun.

    raul mald - Replica

    At this point, I find it helps to separate the lock switch from the top metal casting. You then have just the switch dangling on the fragile ribbon cable. Much less likely to snag or break the ribbon. Just loosen (Don't remove completely) the two Phillips screws. The heavy clunky casting bit can be removed.

    Pete Green - Replica

    You can remove this lens with virtually zero risk to the LCD underneath:

    Get a couple guitar picks or spudgers ready, and another old spudger. Using a hot glue gun, glue the old spudger into the very middle of the lens. Let the glue cool completely.

    Using a heat gun pointing up from the bottom, heat the 3 edges of the shell around the top and sides of the lens. Avoid getting heat on the lens or hot glue as it will soften.

    Using the spudger as a handle, pull up on the lens to get the top edge started and get your guitar picks/spudgers under the sides at the top of the lens.

    Complete removal as above.

    Using a spudger/guitar pick, start to peel an edge of the hot glue loose to remove old spudger from lens; then clean any residue with alcohol.

    Paul K - Replica

    “couple of” guitar picks

    kenneth keen -

    • While lifting the screen up with one iPod opening tool, insert a second iPod opening tool in between the outer case and the top left edge of the glass panel.

    • Remove the first iPod opening tool from between the glass and LCD in the top of the device.

    The iPod I repared had a cracked screen. Caution here because it doesn't pop out that easily. I had to apply some force on the plastic opening tool while using another tool to take out the shards (who are glued to the side).

    matthiasvercaemst - Replica

    • Prying up slightly on the iPod opening tool, insert a second iPod opening tool in between the front glass and the outer case, on the right side of the screen.

    • Slide the second iPod opening tool along the right edge of the panel to remove the adhesive.

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    • With one iPod opening tool still between the glass and outer case, insert a second iPod opening tool inbetween the front glass and outer case, on the right side.

    • Slide the second iPod opening tool toward the bottom of the device to remove the adhesive.

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    • Lifting the glass from the side nearest the top of the iPod, remove the glass panel from the Nano.

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    • Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive underneath the plastic bezel at the bottom of the iPod.

    • Use a low heat setting and do not hold the heat gun in place for too long to avoid melting the plastic bezel.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to pry the bezel from the case of the iPod and remove it.

    On the Nano I worked on I had to do steps 12-14 before step 10 because the metal plate on the bottom is one of the two things holding the click wheel in place.

    ethan - Replica

    You MUST remove the bottom plate BEFORE forcing of the wheel or you WILL tare it apart as there is a lug on the bottom plate that holds the wheel in place ( wish I had known this before I damaged mine)

    also do not lose the very small spring that is under the wheel (I DID )

    Keith - Replica

    +1. There is a tiny piece of plastic containing a little spring just under the wheel. Remove thoses parts before extracting the main board or you will probably loose them.

    jonathanct -

    • Unscrew three screws from the bottom of the iPod:

      • Two 4.4 mm angled Phillips screws

      • One 5.4 mm Phillips screw.

    • These screws may not come out on their own, so be sure not to lose them when removing the retainer.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to pry the metal retainer out from the bottom of the iPod and remove it.

    A flathead screwdriver or even a tooth pick will do better in this step.

    無敵可愛小松鼠 - Replica

    • Insert a metal spudger into the slot at the bottom of the iPod just above the dock connector.

    • Use the metal spudger to pry up the bottom edge of the click wheel.

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    • Place a guitar pick between the click wheel and the case of the Nano and remove the metal spudger.

    • Pry up the edges of the click wheel with the guitar pick until the click wheel comes free from the case.

    • Do not try to completely remove the click wheel yet, as it is still held in place by a ribbon cable.

    Use extreme care when inserting the metal plunger to lift up the click wheel. I ended up damaging one of the sensor pads and then needed to order a new click wheel circuit. Not very expensive to replace but I had not intended to replace this item and so my finished repair was delayed.

    Kevin Long - Replica

    • Lift the click wheel out of the way with one hand and use a plastic opening tool to pry the click wheel ribbon cable connector off its socket on the logic board.

    • Remove the click wheel.

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    • Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive underneath the camera/microphone cover.

    • Pry the camera/microphone cover off the case with a metal spudger and remove it.

    • It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to avoid damaging the iPod case near the camera. While this will not affect the iPod's functionality, it will hurt its cosmetic appearance.

    Use a heatgun/hairdryer for a very long time and use a cutter knife and pry continuously only from the right bottom corner (near the camera lens). If you don't get it open use the heatgun once more.

    Peter Johansson - Replica

    Alternatively use a fabric bag filled with chick peas, put it in a microwave for 4 mn at power 600w and leave it to rest on the iPod 10 / 15 mn. It does the same job. I also use a fresh stanley knife blade (mind your fingers) the blade is very slim and is therefore easier to wedge between the casing and the cover.

    victoriahenri - Replica

    You can remove this lens with zero damage to case or lens:

    Using a hot glue gun, apply a bead of glue across the entire lens but not on the body of the iPod. Move the nozzle back and forth in the glue for about 20 seconds; this keeps the glue hot and heats up the Apple adhesive on the other side.

    Quickly jam an old spudger into the hot glue and hold it until the glue starts to harden; this will happen quickly. Gripping the spudger and digging into the glue over the spudger with the fingernail of your forefinger, pull straight up evenly but firmly. The lens will release pretty easily if you time it right; otherwise it will pop if it has gotten cold.

    I’ve done a dozen of these this way successfully.

    Paul K - Replica

    just use a needle and pull it from the little hole

    Daniel Mauricio Franco Martin - Replica

    have to be careful because after removing the click wheel, when you turn it upside down, the are pieces that fall down. I lost one that fall in my carpet

    Daniel Mauricio Franco Martin - Replica

    • From the top of the iPod, insert a metal spudger between the outer case and the battery to remove the adhesive that holds the battery in place.

    • Be extremely careful not to poke or puncture the battery itself, as this may cause the battery to combust.

    In case anyone else didn't realize this, you need to push your spudger fairly deep into the iPod to completely seperate the glue from the battery. I just stuck mine in maybe half an inch, then spent 30 minutes struggling to move the logic board. After removing all of the glue, it slid out with relative ease.

    dharris1 - Replica

    • There is a small white retainer between the camera and microphone that keeps the inner components from sliding around.

    • Insert a push pin into the hole at the corner of the retainer and lift it out of the case.

    I tried this but with the Nano I worked on the retainer cannot be pushed down, instead there is a small diagonal hole in the retainer that you can fit a pin or needle into and lift out the retainer.

    ethan - Replica

    Yeah step 18 is BS, You need to pull the retainer up with a pin, not depress it. I destroyed my first nano as i pushed so hard trying to depress it that it deformed and I had to give up. Bad bad tip that needs correcting at step 18.

    Dave - Replica

    It can be pulled out with tweezers.

    raul mald - Replica

    • Once the retainer has been pushed past its hole in the outer case, the spudger used to depress it is no longer necessary.

    • Using gentle but steady force, push on the top of the LCD to slide the logic board assembly out of the bottom of the iPod.

    • Do not push on the battery, as this may puncture it and cause it to combust.

    • Constantly mind the hold switch plate, making sure it doesn't snag on an edge and tear the ribbon cable.

    I submitted an edit for this step. The first bullet (about the spudger not being needed once the retainer is past the hole in the case) is now irrelevant because step 17 now has us removing the retainer completely.

    Gordon - Replica

    • Continue to push the logic board assembly through the outer case of the iPod with a spudger.

    • Tolerances inside the Nano are extremely tight. Be very patient and go slowly when removing the logic board assembly, and make sure no components or ribbon cables get caught on the case.

    • To make sure that the hold switch plate does not catch on the housing of the iPod and tear the cable, feed the switch straight down the center of the device, where the opening is the widest.

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    • Once the top of the LCD has cleared the bottom edge of the outer case, remove the logic board assembly from the body of the iPod.

    • Again, be sure to mind the hold switch plate, that it doesn't catch on the bottom of the click wheel hole.

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    • Use your fingers to carefully lift the battery off the back of the LCD, starting at the top of the LCD.

    Attention, en retournant la carte, que le ressort et son support en plastique noir (pour le bon fonctionnement de la molette cliquable) au centre ne tombe et ce perde. Assurez vous que celui ci soit en place lors du remontage

    pallee - Replica

    • Turn the battery over so the orange hold button ribbon cable is visible along the underside of the battery.

    • Peel the hold button ribbon off the battery.

    • The delicate ribbon cable is held in place by adhesive. Work slowly, taking care not to tear the ribbon.

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    • Use a pair of tweezers to remove the orange tape that covers the three solder connections for the battery.

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    • The battery on the Nano is attached via solder pads with small holes that go through the battery ribbon cable and attach to flat pads on the face of the logic board. In this step, you will heat each solder pad individually while using a metal spudger to pry it up from the logic board.

    • DO NOT bridge the connection between the solder pads both on the board and on the ribbon cable with your spudger. Shorts have the potential to ruin the logic board.

    • Beware of overheating the board and the cable. Only hold the tip of the iron against the pad long enough to let the solder melt. Excess heat buildup has the potential to ruin the logic board or melt the ribbon cable.

    • Start working from the right side of the battery ribbon cable. Heat the rightmost solder pad while gently prying up from under the ribbon cable to free it from the board.

    Petite astuce, si votre but est de changer la batterie : ne vous embêter pas, couper la nappe de batterie afin d’éviter tout éventuel court-circuit.

    Pierre MARZIN - Replica

    “A little tip, if your goal is to change the battery: do not bother, cut the battery cover to avoid any short circuit” Pierre MARZIN

    Another tip, if you have ruined 5 iPods so far without getting past this stage then try simply taping the new battery to the case and connecting its ends to an old cut off broad Apple USB [power pins] (someone smart can say which ones these are)

    kenneth keen - Replica

    • Repeat the previous step for the two remaining solder pads, working from right to left.

    • Once the three connections have been desoldered, lift the old battery off the logic board.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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On step 15, I used a thiny needle (for knitting or something like this) placed into the microphone hole and use this gently to lift up the plate. A head gun must heat the glue before. That saves the ipod from scratches

christian - Replica

This it bs. I need to buy new device now. Nothing comes off that easy. My screen shattered when I was trying to pull it up. If you are not a pro, don't do it.

fwitkowski - Replica

I'm sure this can be done, but the tools included in the Ifixit kit are not up to the task. Spent about 45 minutes with the flimsy blue tools and distorted the LCD trying to remove the glass. Then took a heat gun and used the black nylon tool (which I suppose is the replacement for the metal spudger) in the kit. Had the glass out in a single minute. There is no tool in the kit long enough to dislodge the click wheel. I got out my dental tools and finished the disassembly. It is cheaper at this point to just buy another than replace the broken parts. It is a poor carpenter that blames his tools, but you can't cut down a tree with a fish. Use your own tools

drbernie - Replica

I managed to do all the steps, the problem is that my battery is swollen... big drama.. so anyone has any advice?, i just want to unswollen it so that i can slide the logic board down..:(

ruimiguel888 - Replica

Roughly around step twenty I found tiny black plastic tab having hole through on my desk, little fella felt out sometime during disassembly and I never found out where it belongs. Nevertheless iPod seems to work well. Funny fact: I also teared away the hold switch and had to replace the whole ribbon with jack connector, and attach speaker to it with new wires. This Nano was the most annoying repair job I ever did.:-)

Ren - Replica

Do you have a tear down of the ribbon wire replacement?

I found this fixit to try and fix the wire but silver conductive paint isn't cheap and I don't want to spark something manually fixing the wire so I was going to replace the whole part, cant find a how-to, was going to just wing it..

iPod Nano 4th/5th Generation Hold/Lock Switch Ribbon Cable Repair

Mari -

i didn't have a heat gun so i used my wife's hair dryer on low temperature for 1 minute most to detach the screen cover and for 2 minutes to detach the lens cover. i couldn't pop the retainer out properly from the lens/mic so i kinda destroyed it during the process. still, everything is working jsut fine. thnx for this man, saved me US$70.00 from replacing it in a store.

otani diogo - Replica

i don't recommend using metal spudger to wipe off the glue behind the battery. I scratched the battery for accident and saw sparks twice which made me give it up and just jump to the next step. the glue was spread in a squared shape about 1,5cm from the top and 1,5 cm to the sides. so the spudger should be inserted no further than 2cm from the top of the case.

otani diogo - Replica

destroyed my ipod. ipod MB was jammed in the case and broke when pulled

dan z - Replica

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