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Segui i passi di questa guida per rimuovere o sostituire le viti Pentalobe dell'iPhone 7.

  1. Sostituzione Viti Pentalobe dell'iPhone 7, Viti Pentalobe: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
    • Prima di iniziare, scarica la batteria del tuo iPhone sotto il 25%. Una batteria agli ioni di litio carica può incendiarsi e/o esplodere se forata accidentalmente.

    • Spegni il tuo iPhone prima di cominciare a smontarlo.

    • Rimuovi le due viti pentalobe da 3,4 mm nella parte inferiore del tuo iPhone.

    • Lo smontaggio del display dell'iPhone danneggerà le guarnizioni impermeabili. Devi avere pronte delle guarnizioni sostitutive prima di procedere con il passo successivo, oppure fare attenzione all'intrusione di liquidi nel tuo iPhone se lo rimonterai senza sostituire le guarnizioni.

    Can anyone confirm 7/7P's pentalobe screws have a ring of seal near the screw head?

    Cooper Chase - Replica

    Confirmed, the screws have a black ring seal around the head.

    rcheing - Replica

    Can’t get the display front

    Bernadette Pfeifer - Replica

    From personal experience, I highly recommend before doing this procedure or any other, that you do a backup of your phone (preferably local) in case your procedure goes south.

    ballina5ny - Replica

    I purchased the repair tools with the replacement battery from iFixit. The tools include a screw driver and three heads none were labeled 3.4 mm. I think the one that fit the pentalobe screws was labeled Y000. The guide should identify the screw driver head supplied by the kit not 3.4mm.

    Mark Lieberman - Replica

    in the iphone 7 replacement battery kit from iFixit, the screwdriver that fits the 3.4 mm pentalobe screws is labeled P2 (and not Y000)

    Jan-Tijn Oppermann -

    3.4 mm is the height of the screw and is not related to the screw driver code.

    Ahmad Vaziri -

    the screwdriver PH000 does not work i wasted two screws and now they dont have the 4 cross mark they are now a circle, i buyed it all from Paraguay and it doesnt work, had to assembly back the parts because i got stuck like i mention with some screws, well im just going to send to a professional to install, thanks

    Martin Frutos, Nuñez - Replica

    The bottom screws are Pentalobe, not Phillips.

    Bram Driesen -

    Before starting, I would recommend backing up your Iphone’s data just in case.

    Jon Moylan - Replica

    If you managed to make it to this section, just send the phone into apple for 50 + 6 dollars shipping. The ribbon cables on the screen are designed to break. I can literally twist on the rest of the cable and it won’t fall apart but there is a diagonal section where it snaps. This is the fault of apple and the fault of ifixit for misrepresenting the fragility of the cables.

    Ryan Huebert - Replica

    Had to reheat it a few times for a minute each with a hairdryer to get the seal to break after pulling and rocking the suction

    Cynthia Lamb - Replica

    I’m technically challenged. Is there a premier national service who can professionally install a replacement battery got my 7 +?

    Richard - Replica

    Do the screws come out in total?

    YVES THEUGELS - Replica

    Is it the P2 you should use for the bottom??

    YVES THEUGELS - Replica

    I heated the bottom of the phone with a hairdryer and then used a syringe to put a couple of drops of acetone directly into the bottom two screw holes. I GENTLY pulled on the screen with the suction cup and used the pry tool to GENTLY separate the screen. The sealant is applied around the entire display so be very careful pulling it off so you don’t break the fragile display cables.

    Anthony Scaminaci - Replica


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are there any water seals associated with the pentalobe screws? I blew compressed air into my iphone 7 and two tiny square rubber gaskets (~3mm) popped out. They squares have a round hole in them. I can only figure they are part of the pentalobe screw water seals, but I’m not sure, and I don’t know how to put them back in the phone to restore the water seal. Can anyone offer a solution?

Austin Taterka - Replica

@ataterka The screws themselves have a tiny ring-shaped rubber gasket on them. The two rubber squares you found slip onto the screw bosses. I don’t think those are needed for water sealing, and they’re not even included on newer models.

Jeff Suovanen -

Does iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (including «Plus» models) share the same bottom pentelope screws?

Victor Rezai - Replica

Put new lcd on with no problems then later batter went bad got new battery and can not get the 2 pentathlon screws out they loosen but not come out will tighten back up lossen but still want come out

Jerry Bonner - Replica

How do I get screws out

Jerry Bonner - Replica

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