This guide will show users how to replace the battery in the Polar V800. If the battery appears at the end of its life cycle or has become swollen, then the battery may need to be replaced to keep your Polar V800 sport watch operating as it should.

  1. In this guide, the wrist band of the Polar V800 is removed for a clear view of the back panel. If you find it helpful, you may want to remove the wrist strap. Please reference the Watch Band Replacement guide for removal instructions if you wish to do so.
    • In this guide, the wrist band of the Polar V800 is removed for a clear view of the back panel. If you find it helpful, you may want to remove the wrist strap. Please reference the Watch Band Replacement guide for removal instructions if you wish to do so.

    • Ensure your Polar V800 sports watch is powered off before continuing.

    • Remove the eight, 7.4 millimeter-long screws on the back of the watch with a T5 head-type, torque screwdriver.

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  2. Gently separate the watch housing from the back panel.
    • Gently separate the watch housing from the back panel.

    • The watch should come apart easily after removing the screws. If you experience difficulties separating the housing and and back cover, use a spudger to gently pry apart the back panel and the button and screen protector housing.

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    • The waterproofing seal is the red, elastic band that surrounds the display of the watch.

    • Remove the waterproofing seal.

    • During reassembly, align the red seal in the groove surrounding the glass screen on the main watch housing to ensure a watertight seal.

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    • Though not necessary, following the Polar V800 Display Replacement first may make the motherboard easier to remove.

    • Remove the nine, 4.0 millimeter-long screws with a T5 head-type torque screwdriver.

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    • Once all of the screws have been removed, lift the motherboard to expose the battery beneath motherboard.

    • A red wire and a black wire should run between the motherboard and the battery.

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    • The battery is glued down to the back of the watch. It may take some force to detach the battery at the glue joint.

    • Use a spudger to pry the battery from the back of the watch.

      • If your battery is swollen, be very careful in removing the battery. If the packaging is ruptured, the battery will be unsafe to handle with bare hands. The contents of the battery are hazardous.

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    • Gently pull the wires from their solder joints to disconnect them from the body of the watch.

    • To reconnect the wires to their solder joints, they must be soldered on. See the guide linked above for more guidance.

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    • To remove the battery, desolder the black and red wires connecting the battery to the motherboard and remove the battery. See this guide on How To Solder and Desolder Connections for additional help.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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@jarodlyles Where can I buy those 7.4 mm long screws? I tried to open my V800 and I think I might have ruined the groves on the screw head. Now, the screw driver just rotates and does not screw in. I am thinking of buying new screws to replace the old ones. Please let me know.

kamcat - Replica

I found so many 3.7 V 350 mAH LiPo batteries with a bit different dimensions. I wan’t to buy the right, before try to change it.

Can you please specify the dimensions of the battery? Or, if possible, a direct link to order one (eBay, Amazon, some shop witch delivery to germany)?


KlausiHH - Replica

I can't find a replacement battery for V800 anywhere.

Hans Ekko - Replica

Same problem here: where should I buy the replacement battery? Nothing, really nothing found online… :(

Olaf Gottschalk - Replica

Did you really replaced the battery with a new? Then, why don’t you can answer where to buy a new? Or do you just dismounted it, to show how it can work?

KlausiHH - Replica


From the pictures is not posible to get the information about the battery size or other information.

Would it be posible for you to post this data.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


Julio Mendez - Replica

I spoke with Polar USA. They will not sell me a battery or give me a part number for the battery. If your watch is under 2 years old, I believe Polar USA will replace the entire watch. I plan on taking my watch apart to get part number and dimensions from battery. I will post my results on here. I have to wait until I get a T5 screw driver.

Robert - Replica

the original polar battery is 442830 4.4 mm thick 28 mm wide an 30 mm long, I could not find this size but ordered 452530 which is 0.1 mm thicker then the original, this is for example avalible at:

I did not arrive yet so not sure this will work yet

niekroset2 - Replica

Thank you very much for the specs and the link. I’ve ordered one.

KlausiHH -

Note the A is 50mAh less than the original at 350mAh, so your usage time will be lower by at least 15% :(

Mark-Temba Christensen -

Hello niekroset2 ,

I found this link to the exact part number 442830:

Unfortunately the website is in Chinese. My roommate speaks Chinese so I’ll have him take a look at it.

I believe the one you found (part number 452530) will work fine. .1mm of extra thickness is nothing. The battery currently in my Polar V800 is swollen a lot more than that. Polar USA told me if I need a new battery that I should just buy a new watch as if my money didn’t matter. Other than the battery being swollen the watch is still working great. The USB port is a bit tricky, but I believe the problem with the USB post is due to the swollen battery putting pressure on the rear plate.

Robert - Replica

Hehe, the min. order amount is only 1500 units :-/

Mark-Temba Christensen -

Also if you are getting erroneously high heat rate it probably because some moisture got into your heart rate sensor. Remove the battery cover from the heart rate sensor and let it sit overnight. Once it dries out apply a layer of electrical tape in cross hatch pattern around the sensor and it will be fine. No need to buy another sensor. I use a Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor and it works perfectly. No need to upgrade to the H10. Polar already took enough of our money.

Robert - Replica

I have mounted a new battery.

Polar V800 works fine; the only problem is that loading this new battery is not possible, it constantly claims it is full while it isnt full.

Attaching the loading cable works for one second then the message occurs.

Any idea if I have to or can reset this message ?

A Polar trick perhaps ?

Maurice Eichhorn - Replica

Has anybody changed original battery for this from aliexpress?

How does it fit?

Any problems with charging? (like Maurice Echlorn)

Jakub - Replica

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