This guide involves further disassembly of the clock radio and will require using several different tools and techniques, including using a soldering iron. If you need help on how to use a soldering iron, consult this iFixit guide: How To Solder and Desolder Connections

Find the battery compartment on the bottom of the clock radio.
  • Find the battery compartment on the bottom of the clock radio.

  • Using your thumb, push the compartment cover latch toward the battery.

  • With the latch pushed in, pull the compartment cover upward to remove it..

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Lift the battery from the compartment.
  • Lift the battery from the compartment.

  • Pull the battery up and gently disconnect it from the battery connector.

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  • Using a Phillips #00 Screwdriver, unscrew the six 12mm screws from around the bottom of the clock radio.

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  • Gently pull the liquid crystal display (LCD) cover off.

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  • Lift the top off. Two gray, plastic internal pieces will fall out when you do this; set them aside.

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  • Grip the speaker.

  • Lift the speaker from the holder.

  • Turn the speaker over.

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  • The red wire is the + and the tan wire is the -. These wires are connected with solder.

  • Apply the hot soldering iron tip to the speaker connection solder.

  • Pull the speaker away from the wires.

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  • Attach a new 65 mm speaker, model #115048352530, with the wire connectors. Match the red wire to the + and the tan wire to the -.

  • Solder the wires to connect. Let the solder cool.

  • Reverse Step 6 to insert the new speaker in holder.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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