If the lens of your camera has stopped moving in and out of the camera body, it's likely that the gears inside are out or alignment or are broken. This guide will show you how to fix that.

Unscrew the six 3.5mm Philips head from the outer casing.
  • Unscrew the six 3.5mm Philips head from the outer casing.

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Open the battery chamber and remove the battery.
  • Open the battery chamber and remove the battery.

  • Pry the front half of the casing from the camera.

  • Be careful that the sensor cover—the small piece of translucent plastic—doesn't fall out of place. Return it to its original location if it does.

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  • Pry the back half of the casing from the camera.

  • Be careful when maneuvering the camera without the casing on as the LCD screen is not fastened to anything.

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  • Lift the LCD screen out of the camera.

  • There is a tab that keeps in place the ribbon that attaches the screen and motherboard. Lift this up using the spudger and disconnect the screen from the motherboard.

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  • Unscrew the 3.5 mm Phillips head screw from the corner of the camera.

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  • Pry the center casing off the camera. This is best done by separating the top and side sections individually.

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  • Unscrew the two 3.5 mm Phillips head screws in the metal plate.

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  • Pry the metal plate out using the spudger.

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  • Peel back the strip of black tape to reveal a red and black wire.

  • Detach the orange ribbon by gently pulling on it.

  • Detach the golden ribbon by gently lifting it with the spudger.

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  • The lens should now be free to simply be pushed out of its socket.

  • The black and red wires that were exposed previously may be in the way of removing the lens and may break. If they do, you will need to solder these wires back into place upon reassembly.

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  • Unscrew the four 3.5 mm Phillips head screws.

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  • Slide the section with the rectangular plastic frame to the side. You'll find that a spring attaches it to the rest of the lens casing.

  • You can disconnect the frame section from the spring. Do so, and set both so that they're out of the way.

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  • The white gear and the black gear closest to the round section of the lens unit are the ones most responsible for the lens's movement.

  • Using tweezers, you can adjust and replace these gears as needed. The white gear should be flush with the rest of the unit while the black gear should occupy the entirety of its cavity.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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where can i get these gear’s? my camera is not opening its shutter, kindly let me know.

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