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Segui questa guida per forzare il riavvio del tuo iPhone 6s Plus quando questo si blocca e non risponde più al tocco. Forzare il riavvio è molto semplice e non richiede strumenti.

  1. Come forzare il riavvio dell'iPhone 6s Plus, Come forzare il riavvio dell'iPhone 6s Plus: passo 1, immagine 1 di 2 Come forzare il riavvio dell'iPhone 6s Plus, Come forzare il riavvio dell'iPhone 6s Plus: passo 1, immagine 2 di 2
    • Premi e mantieni premuto il pulsante Home.

    • Mentre stai tenendo il pulsante Home premuto, premi e mantieni premuto il tasto di Accensione/Spegnimento.

  2. Come forzare il riavvio dell'iPhone 6s Plus: passo 2, immagine 1 di 2 Come forzare il riavvio dell'iPhone 6s Plus: passo 2, immagine 2 di 2
    • Continua a tenere premuto entrambi i pulsanti per circa 10 secondi, finché non apparirà il logo Apple.

    my iphone does as you say but straight after the apple logo the phone goes back into restore mode.

    ahjohl - Replica

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Easy to follow. This is a life saving procedure everyone should know. My phone was working great, I just laid it down on the table, battery was full charge. When I picked it up 10 minutes later it was dead. I found this procedure and 20 seconds later it came back to life.

Timothy McGarvey - Replica

I messed up just about every step including bending my old battery which almost caused a house fire! Somehow, I got it all back together and my phone works perfect! Thank you guys. From a person who probably had no business doing this, even I figured out how to make it happen.

Levi Holiman - Replica

after trying this my phone still does not work.

angelina.guadiano - Replica

if you’re careful, you can even leave the display attached while removing the battery! I had the display taped up at about a 50-60 degree angle and had no problems in removing the battery and replacing it. The worst part was the 3 little adhesive strips holding the battery in place. the angled tweezers that come in the battery replacement kit were a lifesaver in grabbing those from under the battery when they snapped. I did manage to bend the old battery quite extensively, but I didn’t notice any warming and disposed of it quickly and properly. Whole process was completed in under 30 minutes.

Brian Nesson - Replica

WOAH bit of a risky choice the budz. As there’s a high chance you could’ve fried the circuit board line for the lcd backlight illumination system . I noticed on models with 3d touch the display is still powered even if the display is in off mode. So if and when you pull the display cables when the phone is supplied power and battery connected on or of state of phone isn’t seeming to be a difference. And the result is usually a dark screen that never lights up but works fine if you hold a torch on the correct angle you may just be able to read it enough to hock it to somebody who can afford the micro soldering of a new track on the logic board for you. hardly easy to do or find a tech who can. last quote i got in australia 2 years ago was 200 minimum for a 6s.. think before you get enthusiastic in your repairs my fellow screwdriver weilders :) rj

shittykitty78 - Replica

thx u so much it works for me

bigyan ghimire - Replica

It still doesn’t work

Tonia Albers - Replica

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