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2005-2015 Nissan Xterra Fuel Pump Replacement

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I own a 2010 nissan xterra and I would like to see where the fuel check valve is located. I'm having trouble with the car not starting when it's cold. However, if I let the truck sit with key in the on position like you did to prime the pump, it starts right up. I've found info about a vapor canister check valve but I'm not 100% sure my model has sush a part. Great video, and will be referencing you for future projects.

David N Bobbitt - Replica

its the fuel pump, I am doing mine today, the check valve is inside the stupid pump

joshuacay - Replica

Howdy. Former Air Force Maintenance guy here. Had to do this on the previous generation where it was under the seat and SO much easier. But, I have a safety recommendation for you all on this. Using a tiny tube, siphon as much gas out as you can. Then, however your preference, get a hair dryer, TURN OFF THE HEAT. OPEN ALL GARAGE DOORS TO THE OUTSIDE, or just BE outside. Now pump as much fresh air volume into the tank continuously for several hours, or for a day for good measure. Fuel pump opening is probably best for volume. This will evaporate out all volatiles and even any water that may have collected in the sump. You now have a fully safe tank to work with, and can easily wipe out that nasty orange grunge for a really clean, like new tank. This is how we make BIG plane tanks safe to crawl into. Only took a couple of hours with full airflow for mine to be completely safe to work with.

desertengineer1 - Replica

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