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If you are experiencing difficult starting, engine misfires, decreased power/acceleration, reduced fuel efficiency, and or the car isn't starting, then it may be time to replace the fuel pump.

Follow this video tutorial by YouTuber Ry The Car Guy to complete the replacement yourself.


If this is your first time working on a vehicle read our safety tips before proceeding.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I own a 2010 nissan xterra and I would like to see where the fuel check valve is located. I'm having trouble with the car not starting when it's cold. However, if I let the truck sit with key in the on position like you did to prime the pump, it starts right up. I've found info about a vapor canister check valve but I'm not 100% sure my model has sush a part. Great video, and will be referencing you for future projects.

David N Bobbitt - Replica

its the fuel pump, I am doing mine today, the check valve is inside the stupid pump

joshuacay - Replica

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