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Background and Identification

Released in early 2002, the Porter Cable 690LR is a handheld single-speed router which features an attached power cord, two identical black handles, 27,000 RPM single-speed, detachable base, and a locking lever on the base that allows for easy height adjustments.

Distinguishing the 690LR from others may be difficult for inexperienced users. The model features a silver body, black handles, and a red power switch. An easy identification method is to look for the black sticker on the base of the router which displays “Model 690LR Heavy Duty Router”.

The 690 series of Porter Cable routers has gone almost unchanged over the years. It is one of the most strong, dependable, and consistent routers on the market. If the device breaks, this device page can be followed to diagnose the problem and lead the user to a solution.

Additional Information

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