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Porter Cable 690LR Troubleshooting

This Porter Cable 690LR is a single-speed handheld router designed for woodworking.

Router won’t turn on

When you press the power button nothing happens

Power cord is split

A split power cord may interfere with the power supply to the router. If your power cord appears to be worn or you notice specific areas of damage to the cord, you can follow this guide to replace it.

Power switch fails

A faulty power switch can interfere with the power reaching the motor. Follow this guide to replace it.

Router overheats

The router is overheating after a short period of time

Router speed too fast

This router model only works on one speed. You can buy an attachment for around thirty dollars which will allow you to change your router speed.

Brushes are getting clogged with sawdust

Turn off the router and let it cool down. Clean out the sawdust stuck in the motor and the brushes.

Router stopped working mid-cut

The router turns off while in use

Power Cord is split

This is likely an electrical issue. We suggest following this guide to replace it or taking it to a professional given the electric nature of the device.

Router overheating

See “Overheating router” section.

Cooling fan is not operating

If you have eliminated the possibility that your power cord is split and you are sure that your bit isn’t overheating then the motor may no longer be turning the fan correctly. Follow this guide to replace the motor.

Solder melted

If you noticed a strong burning smell and the router was hot, you may have melted a solder in the inner workings of the router. We recommend replacing the router as this is a high risk repair.

Motor is broken

If you suspect that the source of the issue may be the motor (by ruling out all other possibilities), then we suggest trying to replace the motor. This guide will detail the process to replace the motor.

Router chuck rattles when cutting

The chuck rattles and vibrates freely when cutting

Router bit is misplaced in the chuck

Check that the bit is fully fastened within the chuck and that it is tight and straight.

Fasteners have loosened with use

Make sure that you use the appropriate tools to tighten all necessary nuts and bolts.

Fasteners missing

Check to make sure that all required components are present, if not, replace them.

Router turned on for a few seconds and then stopped

You were able to get the router on and running but after a few seconds it quit on its own

Router has dirt in it

If there is a lot of grime in the router blocking some mechanisms from moving smoothly you may need to take it apart and clean it. Take special care to check the brushes in the commutator.

Motor is faulty

If the motor is not working properly then it will affect the router and all the components that make it up (i.e. power switch, rotor, etc...). You can follow this guide to learn how to replace the motor.

Looks gorgeous

Conor J - Replica

Still looks gorgeous.

Conor J - Replica

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