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Black Friday Deals

Black Friday prices will be back in November. See what promotions we’re running right now.

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We update the promotions page monthly with our current campaigns.

iFixit 💙 Repair Café

Repair Cafés make repair more accessible across the globe. That is something we deeply support. Therefore, we donated $1 for every Bundle sold to the Repair Café Foundation. We want to thank everyone who purchased a Bundle for supporting the repair efforts of more than 2,500 Repair Cafés.

Meet Anti-Clamp

Opens the heart of even the biggest Scrooge with the turn of a handle. The Anti-Clamp (affectionately called Clampy) has the right suction and force to get that screen removal done.

Meet FixMat

Santa’s Workshop, on the go. FixMat takes repairs anywhere thanks to sorting bins, a roll-proof pen, and strong magnetic surface.

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You can shop our tools all year round!

Which tech YouTuber are you?

Linus or MKBHD? Answer some questions, and we’ll match you to a YouTuber and one of our toolkits.

iFixit Gift Guide: Our Best Black Friday Bundle Deals

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