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Un eccellente studente del nostro programma di istruzione ha realizzato questo wiki. Non è gestita dallo staff iFixit.

Device shuts off randomly

The device will shut off at random times while on it

Software conflict

Are there any changes to software or hardware peripherals? If yes then undo or unplug and see if the problem continues.

Faulty Capacitor

A capacitor is the device in the laptop that is used to store an electric charge, This is an important part of your laptop if your laptop is not keeping a charge this may be why your device is turning off


Power up the computer and wait for a short beep. If nothing gets displayed on your monitor and you did not hear a short beep, those could be signs suggestive of a motherboard failure; therefore this could be a reason why your laptop is randomly shutting off.

Keyboard not responding

The keys are not typing anything

Defective keyboard

If you press any key of the keyboard and i it does not work, then you may have a loose connection, you are going to have to gain access to the motherboard for this.

Keys sticking

If keys are failing to come up after you press down you may need to clean your keyboard

Device will not charge

The battery will not charge device or battery dies fast

Faulty battery

Batteries over time will start to decline, due to heat, age and usage. If you have a older model or use your laptop a lot you might want to think about replacing the battery.

Faulty AC adaptor

Confirm that the laptop is receiving AC power,if you connect the laptop to AC power and it does not detect it you need to replace the AC adapter.

Device overheats

The device is exceeding safe temperatures and, or is hot for long periods of time

Heatsink's radiator

Your heatsink's radiator (fan) is probably dusty and thus unable to properly cool your laptop. In order to clean the fan use a can of compressed air.

DVD Blue-Ray player is jammed

Not able to activate DVDS or open or close

Tray will not open

Sometimes the tray will get stuck while CD are within the device, or will not open. To fix this do not force it, for this may break the DVD tray all together.

Drivers are corrupted

Fixing the CD/DVD problems simply involve deleting the filter entries for the third-party device drivers.Some times these can become damaged.

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