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Phone Is Not Turning On

Power button jammed

Too much pressure might have been put on the power button while being used, allowing it to get stuck on te inside of the phonw. Replace the power button using this guide.

Dead Battery

Your phone simply needs to be charged

If your battery is almost dead, you’ll often see a low battery indicator on the screen when you try to turn it on. But, if you let the battery completely die, your phone won’t respond at all when you press the Power button. In that case, Plug it in and let it charge for fifteen minutes or so. Come back later and try to power it on with the Power button.

Phone is Frozen

Android phones can sometimes hard-freeze and refuse to respond. If an Android (as this phone is an Android) is completely frozen, your device may be powered on and running but the screen won’t turn on because the operating system is frozen and not responding to button presses.

In order to solve this problem, you may need to perform a “hard reset,” or “power cycle,” to fix these types of freezes. This cuts the power to your phone entirely, forcing it to shut down and boot back up. For instructions on how to perform a hard reset, Check This Site

Touch Screen Is Not Responding

Screen Is Dirty

If your phone touchscreen is dirty with oily finger touches, dust, or any other sticky material, it is not going to respond well to your finger impressions. Cleaning the screen with alcohol wipes may help.

Front glass screen cracked

If your phone has been cracked due to a hard fall or any other reasons, it could disable the touch ability to function because of a possible damage of the lens and sensor layer. You can replace your screen using this guide

Phone Needs A Restart

Some devices needs a good restart to get back to functioning like they are supposed to. You can restart the phone by holding the power button once to turn it off and a second time allowing you turn it back on.

Phone consistently shutting off

The phone is unable to hold power

Poor Battery Life

You may be dealing with a dead battery that needs to be consistently charged. Sometimes Android batteries needs a few minutes to cool down before operation. Since the Xperia ZL has a removable battery, you can go ahead and remove the battery of your phone and wait about 10 seconds before plugging it back in to boot it up. You can remove your battery using this guide.

Stamina Mode

If battery has poor life, the reason may result in Stamina mode being on. All those apps that you have on your smartphone may still be running in the background, draining your battery. To turn it off go to ''Setting > Power management > Stamina Mode> Turn off

Phone randomly shuts off

Phone has full battery yet randomly shut off and wont turn back on

Sudden Death

An issue that was common with Xperia Z series was the sudden death where the phone will randomly shut off and not turn on. Restart phone by holding the power and both volume up and down button. Once restarted, go to OTA updates and Sony has sent an update that prevents sudden death to occur.

Not connecting to Wi-Fi

Not being able to access the internet due to the wifi not being present

Wifi is Not Enable

Make sure that the wireless connection setting is enabled.

Restart Router or Phone

Turn off and on your phone or wireless router.

Latest Firmware

Go to OTA updates and make sure that all of the latest updates are acquired.

DHCP on router

Make sure that DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is turned on, on your router.

MAC Address

Turn off MAC(media access control) filter on router and manually add your phones MAC address.

Not receiving Notifications

For some reason your notifications are not popping up on your phone

Stamina Mode

Your stamina mode is probably turned off, not allowing apps and certain settings on your phone to run properly. To fix this problem, follow the same procedure we used before for the poor battery life. Go to''Settings > Power Management > Stamina Mode> Turn on"

Factory reset

This procedure WILL reset all of your data and informations. Settings > Backup and Reset Make sure Back up my data is off. Then press Factory data reset.

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