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Samsung SGH-A237 Troubleshooting

Cell Phone Won't Turn On

Power Supply Issues

You're SGH-A237 cell phone may have problems regarding how the phone is powered. The battery may be uncharged, and if so plug in the phone charger to the phone and wait several minutes before trying to power the device on again. On the other hand, the battery may be faulty, and though you may have tried to charge it there still may be no charge. You will need to replace the battery. Finally, if you find that the battery is just fine, the problem may lie in your phone charger. It may not be effectively providing charge to the battery and therefore leaving the phone with no charge. In this case, look into replacing your charger.

Broken Display

The phone may be turning on, yet the screen is not displaying the information. If you feel that the phone is active, yet the screen remains black, you may need to replace the screen.

Bad Logic Board

A faulty logic board may also cause this issue. The connections to the components required to turn the device on are in the logic board, thus these connections may be broken. The logic board may need to be replaced.

Receiving Low Signal or No Signal

Service Provider

Please ensure your device is registered with an active service provider (such as AT&T or Sprint). If you have registered your device, then call your service provider's customer service to see if any action is needed/unfinished in your account registration.

Broken Antenna

The component in the cellphone that receives signal is the antenna. The antenna may have become damaged or disconnected through daily use such as drops or other impacts. The antenna will either need to be replaced or reconnected.

Bad Logic Board

f you are receiving no signal the problem may lie within the logic board. If this is the case, you may need to replace the logic board or check the connection between the logic board and the antenna.

No Audio

Adjust Volume Settings

Your phone may either be in the "silence" mode or the volume setting may be very low. To adjust volume, tap the +/- buttons located on the side of the device. To adjust the ringer setting from "silent," please refer to the user manual.

Bad Speaker

If the audio still is not working, you may have a faulty speaker. This can happen though daily use or exposure to moisture. If this is determined to be the issue, the speaker will need to be replaced.

Bad Logic Board

If the speaker is determined not to be cause of the audio problem, the logic board or connection to the logic board may be at fault. Ensure the speaker is well connected to the logic board. If this still does not solve the problem, the logic board may need to be replaced.

The Keypad/Several Keys Are Stuck or Don't Work

Keypad Damage

Sand, water, and other foreign objects can cause damage to the keypad. Check to see if any of the keys can be "unstuck" gently. Debris may need to be removed from under the keys as well.

Faulty Logic Board

If the keypad is simply not responding, the logic board is the likely cause. Water damage or faulty connections may lead to malfunction; such malfunction would require the logic board to be replaced.

Cracked/Broken Display

Cracked Display

If there is a crack running through the screen, the LCD screen will likely need to be replaced.

Discolored/Faulty Display

If the screen is discolored or the display is malfunctioning, you may need to replace the LCD Screen.

Faulty Logic Board

Faulty connections to the logic board will cause either discolorations or blackouts in the screen. This will also occur should the logic board be malfunctioning. Check the connections between the screen and the logic board, if those appear functional then the logic board may need to be replaced.

You state: "you may have to buy a new battery. You may have to buy a new charger." Wow, you guys are like Rocket Scientists! I gues you'll be working on the Next Generation Space Shuttle, right?

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