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Samsung S860 Troubleshooting

The Samsung S860 is a high resolution digital camera with 8.1 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, Samsung SHD Lens, 2.4-inch LCD screen, and Digital Image Stabilization (DIS).

The camera is powered by 2 AA batteries and contains 11 MB of internal memory, but uses external memory SD cards as the primary storage system.

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers quick fixes for the Samsung S860 Digital Camera.

Samsung S860 won't turn on

Your camera does not turn on.

Check battery

Replace existing batteries with a new pair.

Make sure batteries are correctly oriented. With the lens of the camera facing you, insert one battery with the positive end up in the left slot. After that, insert the second battery with the negative side facing upward on the right side.

After batteries are in, close battery compartment and turn the camera on.

Make sure power button was pressed properly

Press the power button and hold it down firmly until the screen lights up.

Check battery slide cover

To power the camera, a complete circuit must exist. To accomplish that, the battery slide cover has a metal plate affixed to it. Sometimes that metal plate detaches even though the battery slide cover appears intact. Check for the metal plate and replace if missing

Cracked LCD Screen

Your 2.4-inch LCD screen is cracked or shattered.

If your LCD screen is cracked, the crystals in the screen will make the color bleed and will limit functionality. It is highly recommended that you replace your LCD screen if this happens.

Locked Black Screen

Your camera has a black screen and it seems like you have limited to no functionality.

Make sure memory card is inserted correctly

With the lens of the camera facing you, slide the battery slot cover open with your thumb.

The top of your memory card should be facing upward. Insert card memory card into slot.

Close memory card/battery slot cover.

Check to make sure memory card is not locked

Look at front of memory card.

Lock switch should be set to unlock in the upwards direction.

Power camera on w/ fully charged battery and no memory card

If it works, the card is damaged or has a virus.

Format card by pressing menu button, then select format card.

Choose either option and select OK.

Uploading photos

Put memory card directly into computer

Insert memory card into card slot into SD slot in your computer.

Follow on screen instructions

Make sure card is oriented correctly

Look at front of memory card.

Lock switch should be set to unlock in the upwards direction.

The batteries slide metal cover is missing

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