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Samsung BD-D5500 Troubleshooting

Samsung BD-D5500 Troubleshooting Released January 2011

No Audio

When trying to play a disc in the Samsung BD-D5500 there is no audio coming out of my television

You may have selected the wrong Digital Output in the Audio Options Menu

Using the remote, guide yourself to the Digital Output menu in the Audio Options portion. After finding the menu screen, if there is not an option to scan, try each of the listed Audio Options until your TV correctly responds to one of them.

The speakers on your output device such as (computer, television, anything Samsung BD-D5500) are not working or comparable with the device

Check your device that you have the Samsung BD-D5500 plugged into to see if there is problem with the speaker plug in something else and see if audio also has problem playing. If that is case there may be something wrong with the device you have plugged into the Samsung BD-D5500

Disc does not play

When the disc is inserted no picture is appearing on the screen even though it is a disc that plays a video or audio

Disc may be upside down

Take the disc out and make sure the cover art is facing upright

Check the region code on the disc make sure the disc is compatible with your device

If your disc is not playing, it could be from another region and can not be played on your player. In this case, you will have to order a new disc from the same region as your player.

Discs may have a scratch and is unable to play

The disc may be able to work if it is cleaned, try using a dampened cloth with water and rubbing the bottom of the disc.

HDMI Resolution does not work with the TV

When trying to play the disc the HDMI capabilities is not compatible with the television, or its just not working with the television

A screen shows stating that the TV does not support this resolution

- If this happens, refer to your device’s owner manual instructions on how to set the correct resolution.

HDMI Output does not work with the TV

There is not HDMI output when trying to use the player

Cord may be loose or have a shortage

- Check the cord for a faulty connection or any shortages

No operation can be performed with the remote control

When the remote control is pointed at the television it does not operate the player and has no functionality

Change the batteries

- Take out the current batteries and replace them with new ones to ensure that it is not a technical problem.

Move farther away from the Blu-Ray Player

- Move at least 20 inches away from the screen and check if the Blu-Ray player will respond to the remote control.

Drain the Microprocessor.

- Remove the batteries and hold down any button on the remote control, reinstall batteries and try again.

Blu-Ray Player not powering on

When trying to work the Blue- Ray player there is no power going to the player. it will not power up and no lights are being displayed as well as no audio or picture going to the television

Faulty Outlet

- The outlet that the power cord is plugged into may not be plugged in completely or the outlet is dead. Try pushing the cord all the way into the outlet and if that still does not work then trying a different outlet.

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