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PlayStation 2 Slimline is the smaller, thinner, and quieter version of the older PlayStation 2 created by Sony. Troubleshooting your PlayStation 2, and finding where the problem lies is not hard.

PlayStation 2 Won't Turn On

When your PS2 won't turn on no matter what.

Power Cable

Your PS2 will not turn on if there is no power source. Double check on the power cable, and make sure that it is connected properly. If it is connected properly, and your PS2 still won't turn on, try using your power cable on another PS2. If the other PS2 won't turn on as well, the problem is in faulty cable.

RGB Cable

Your PS2 might be on, but the RGB cable is not plugged in properly so your TV would not display the PlayStation's image. Tighten the cable to ensure that it is plugged in properly.

Power Light

If your PS2 is on, but the power light is not on, you probably need to replace the power light.

Broken Clock

Everytime you unplug your PS2's power cable, the clock is reset.

Clock Battery

Each time your PlayStation is unplugged, the clock runs by using the internal clock battery. If the clock is reset each time you unplug your PS2's power cable, the internal clock battery has a problem. Make sure that the internal clock battery is properly plugged into the motherboard. If it is tightly plugged in, and the problem persists, you need to replace the battery. Here is the PlayStation 2 Slimline SCPH-7500x Clock Battery Replacement.

Wireless Controller is Not Working

Your wireless controller doesn't work.

Broken Controller

The problem might be in your controller. Try using another controller, and if the other controller works, then your original controller is broken.

Faulty IR Sensor

If other controllers are not working, then your IR sensor is not working. Here is the PlayStation 2 Slimline SCPH-7500x IR Sensor Replacement.

Disc Read Error

Whenever you turn on your PS2, the "Disc Read Error" message is shown.

Faulty Disc

You should try another disc. It might be that your current disc is full of scratches or dust. You should pick up a disc cleaner and clean the disc. Another way to ensure this is to use the disc on another PS2.


Open your disc or listen to your device to make sure that the disc is spinning. If the disc does not spin, you should check for the two sensors (that detect if the lid is closed) are pushed down. The first sensor is located right above the power button and the second is at the back left of the laser assembly.

Optical Drive

If the disc is clean and the disc spinner works, but the "Disc Read Error" is still displayed, the problem is on the lens. Try cleaning the lens by opening the disc container and wiping it with a smooth piece of cloth. If the problem still persists, you need to replace the lens. Here is the PlayStation 2 Slimline SCPH-7500x Optical Drive Replacement.

PlayStation 2 is Overheating

Your PS2 gets hot really quickly.

Cooling Fan

Your fan might be full of dust or is not connected properly. Open your PS2's outer shell and check the fan. Try to use a brush or a can of compressed air to clean the fan. Tighten the fan's connection to the motherboard. If this does not fix your PS2's overheating problem, you need to replace the fan. Here is the PlayStation 2 Slimline SCPH-7500x Fan Replacement.


Purchase a PS2 vertical stand, it will keep your PS2 cooler for a longer period of time.

My PS2 works; however, the reset button does not move at all when pushing the reset button. Is the PS2 repairable to this problem? Thank you.

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