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Panasonic Lumix DMC-zs20 Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting guide for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5

Camera Won't Turn On

Flip the switch and nothing happens

Battery Issues

The battery may need charging. Take the battery out of the camera and let it charge completely.

Camera Issues

If the camera has other lights turning on and the lens still extends, then your screen is broken. Go to replacing your screen.

LCD Screen Won't Turn On

Camera Battery is Dead

If the battery is dead, then the camera will not respond at all. Make sure you have a fully charged battery.

Camera Error

As the device is powered on, the screen may display an error message for a few seconds. Although this may appear as if the screen is broken, this is not the case.

Broken LCD Screen

If the camera turns on as normal and the lens extends in photo taking mode, and your screen does not display an image at any time during the photo taking process, your screen is broken. Follow this repair guide to replace your LCD screen.

Camera won't take any more pictures

Check to make sure the memory card isn't full. If it is, connect your camera to a computer, copy the files off of the camera card, and then delete all files on the card.

No Valid Picture error

This is caused by a memory card that is not present, empty, corrupted, broken or formatted by another camera. The best way to fix this issue is to format the memory card WARNING: This will erase all your pictures!

Memory Card Locked

Remove the memory card and check to make sure the lock switch on the side of the memory card isn't engaged. If this issue persists, try formatting the card. WARNING: This will erase all your pictures!

Camera Will Not Connect to Computer

With the memory card in the camera, photos will not upload to the computer

Battery is Dead

Make sure the camera will still turn on and has adequate battery life. The camera must have battery to connect to a computer.

Wrong port on the Computer

Try plugging in your connection cable to a new port on the computer. Use a port that you know works for other devices if possible.

IO Circuit Board is Broken

If no other solution works, replace your IO circuit board in the camera.

Flash Malfunctioning

When a picture is taken, the flash does not go off

Flash is Disabled

Turn your camera off, wait five seconds, and power it on. Press the Flash toggle button on the back panel. It is located on the right directional button. Make sure the flash is set to always be on, and not auto. Auto flash will let the camera determine if a flash is needed, which may not fire.

Flash is Broken

If the flash option is on and still not firing, your flash assembly may be broken. Follow this guide to replace the flash.

Lens will not Extend

Dirt or Sand in your Lens

If, when turning your camera on, your lens attempts to open but instead gets stuck and resets, then you have dirt in your lens. Use a can of compressed air to blow dirt out, or use a small paint brush to sweep it clean. Be careful not to scratch the glass lens in the front.

Broken Lens Assembly

If your lens does not extend at all when turning on the camera, and you have checked the battery and display, then you need to replace the lens assembly.

Back Panel Buttons are Non-Responsive

Buttons on the back do not work

Dirt or Dust in the Buttons

Buttons only work occasionally

Using a can of compressed air, blow dust and dirt out of the buttons. You can also use small amounts of lens cleaner on the plastic to remove sticky residue.

Broken Circuit Board

The camera works, but the buttons do not

If the buttons never work but the camera still powers on, you may need to replace the circuit board.


Shabari Visser - Replica

problems whit LUMIX DMC-FP2

Camera display [SYSTEEMFOUT {FOCUS } }

What to do

Shabari Visser - Replica

Camera will not work - message System error (zoom) what to do?

Valerie Neary - Replica

When I zoom, the camera instantly goes into video recording. It's so frustrating. I am trying to take a photograph and it videos. I am 1) missing my shot and 2) wasting my battery. Anyone else having the same problem? Suggestions?

Jill Single - Replica

I have the same problem on a TZ40, have you found a solution?

David Shakspeare -

I too have the same problem in my zc 20 also.

Kumareshan SK -

My camera stopped working after a plane flight where it was in my carry-on luggage.

Everything seems to work except Motion Picture mode. It takes the normal still pic followed by the video file, but the file is minimal, like a fraction of a second. I also get a flashing orange icon resembling the SD card. I've tried 2 good SD cards and they both

fail the same way.

Les Brown

Les Brown - Replica

On my TZ4 the lens always goes into the "taking pictures*- position and stays there, no matter if it is switched off or on. In the On-position the display says: "Please turn camera off and on again," When you do so, the same happens again. The lens is moving back and then comes out again and rests in this out-position. When I switch the camera off and on permanently during 20 minutes, I have the impression the inside becomes warm. And suddenly the camera works completely normal. Afte letting it cool down during some hours, the story is going on again as prescribed above. No picture-taking possible again. Then the warming-up process can be repeated and it works well again after approx 20 minutes. Any good idea`?

Peter Novacek - Replica

Any chance you could fix your camera?

Rasheed -

Hi,picture of SD card flashing up red in top left hand corner....Any ideas why and how to fix ?

Susan filson - Replica

Just bought a Lumix GH5 and everything is working but no image is coming through on either viewfinder. The screen looks as though the lens cap is still on (no light hitting the sensor) and the histogram shows the same.

The battery is fully charged, the lens on properly and settings correct (I've even tried auto)

raynorbloom5 - Replica

My camera's zoom button is stuck and it says system error (zoom), and wont take pics. how do I fix it.

Rosik Naz - Replica

My pictures are appearing with certain arts flashing black, i am very new to SLR and so I'm not sure whether it's a setting or whether it's broken.

Jake Hocking - Replica

sir does this camera do nat have zoom option while recording a video?

smile4ever_55 - Replica

My camera Panasonic Lumix ZS45K opens when I touch the power buton (lens opens, camera screen shows the image all blury) but after that nothing works any more : I can't take any picture, none of the buttons work (even the power on/off button), the zoom doesn't work and the roulette neither . The camera is frozen and the only thing I can do is take the battery out to turn off the camera. What should I do ? How much do you think it costs to repair it (approximately)?

Nicolas Olivares - Replica

Panasonic Lumix ZS45**

Nicolas Olivares -

LUMIX DMC-ZS35 ISSUE : When I press power buttom..zoom opens and closes for 2 times and gets stuck. screen becomes blank and continues to make some quirky buzzing noise. Unless I remove battery it doesn’t stop making noise. Please suggest me how I can fix this issue?

dude_41276 - Replica

My DMC-ZS45 turns on, shows a blurry image on the screen. Doesn’t allow to change the settings or anything (its like blocked), and to turn off the camera, I have to remove the battery, and put it back on, after that I press OFF and the lens goes back in.

Filipe Teles - Replica

My camera just shut down with the lens still open and extended …. black screen and totally unresponsive I have fully charged the battery but still nothing !!! any ideas?

Ian McIntosh - Replica

It's a Lumix

Sea Slug -

sorry its a DMC-T270

Ian McIntosh - Replica

When charging ,the red light goes off after 10-15 it still charging or is there an issue..thanks

Sea Slug - Replica

White line down the side of my photos

Alice MacDonald - Replica

Please, help me. I have Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 and it doesn't work any menu button and can't press button shooting. Is seems it is locked but i don't know how to unlock it. i found how to unlock Any Lumix camera (Be sure to put the camera mode to P or picture/portrait mode. then turn off the camera, next simultaneously press the WB + DISP + AF/AE then turn on. Next is you need to press the play/preview button then simultaneously again press the ISO and AF/AE button then turn off the camera. If you see a yellow exclamation mark that means you successfully unlocked the feature. ) but it's doesn't work with my model. Please, somebody help.

dolchedato - Replica

On my Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera, when I start filming it starts making Buzzing noises and my voice is very quiet and unclear so I have to shout to be heard. This is annoying me because it’s no help towards making YouTube videos especially because your parents won’t pay thousands of dollars to buy a professional camera. Could I please get some information on how to fix this.

Thank you for your help :-)


Cavell Taramai - Replica

My Lumix DMC-FZ72 is apparently giving me well over exposed pictures when I take a shot with something bright in the back ground. Like taking a shot of a bird in flight, the shot comes out with the bird in the center of the shot but is very faint as the sky seems to blot it out. Its on Auto and has been OK till now. Is this just a simple case of the camera getting old and is now failing me.

I took a number of shots at the air show and got the red arrows nicely in the shot but you can hardly see them due the the sky being to bright. I can take nice shots around me like in town with buildings but cant get any more decent shots of the sky

keith Clarke - Replica

I brought a tz81 six months ago and on my first holiday the zoom lens would not close. Dust apparently. On my second holiday I reached 169 photos and it then responded memory card full and stopped taking any more. This camera can take upwards of 800! However I deleted 40 odd photos to give me some space ,down to 121 photos but the response is the same. Is there a simple solution..? I am pretty !#^&@@ off with this camera , lost too may good shots. Have another 10 days in Vietnam with only my Samsung phone for pictures…..

Steve cole - Replica

Taking pictures but image not on screen only black is camera broken

Agnes ireland - Replica

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